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Comey and his Cabal of Dirty Cops
What's this country coming to? How low can the Democrats go? Just when you think matters can't get worse more revelations come to light. Obama and his merry band of conspirators will no doubt go down in history as the most corrupt bunch of sleaze-bags in the history of the Republic. For Example:

We see Clapper giving testimony before Congress that he saw no evidence of Russia collusion. Then we see him on CNN saying the opposite.

We see Adam Schiff telling God and the world that he has evidence that President Trump committed Treason, yet when his documents are revealed there's not a whiff. On the contrary, despite his claims of having "Inside Knowledge" Schiff's records show that at no time did he ever have the slightest factual evidence to back up his claims, ones he openly and covertly leaked to the press.

The same goes for Brennan. When put to the question before a Senate Committee he's a veritable Sergeant Schultz. "I know nothing." Yet this doesn't keep him from making wild claims and writing editorials, that attack the president's character. His tweets read like an adolescent trying to impress an English teacher by spouting a bunch of adjectives.

So what is going on here? Their left hand says one thing and the right another. Simply stated, you can go to jail for lying in a court of law or before a congressional committee. Conversely, In the United States a citizen is free to say anything, and the FAKE NEWs is free to broadcast it.

There is a digression here that is worth noting. Some media outlets are slightly more diligent in fact checking their work. The unwritten rule is that an outlet needs two independent collaborating sources, to go with a story. Thus when Comey and the Intelligence Agencies were insisting on a daily briefing to blow smoke up the President's ass, he said "No". This really ticked Brennan and Clapper off. So after the briefing Comey remained. He told Trump about the Steel Dossier, and how he needed to listen to a daily intelligence briefing in order to know what the world was saying about him. Trump thought he was being blackmailed. After the briefing Comey went back to his office and called Clapper. "Mission Accomplished," he said. What this meant was that he had just told Trump about the Dossier. Comey was source one. Clapper then picked up the phone and leaked it to CNN... How often have you heard the caveat, "Two highly placed sources in the administration have revealed...." That is how the "Golden Showers" narrative was leaked to an incredulous public.

The most recent are interviews of Comey bragging to the press, about how he gulled Mike Flynn into an interview. He describes how he decided to pull a quick one on the Republicans. He relates knowing, from long public service, that the new Cabinet would be inexperienced to start with. They would be totally in the dark as to the devious machinations of the Deep State. He relates how easy it was for him to sneak an undercover agent into an early intelligence briefing. With this proof of principle in hand, and convinced his treachery was taking candy from a baby, he directed agents to lure an unsuspecting Flynn into a perjury trap The pretext was supposedly learning more about a phone conversation Flynn had with Kallissnikof, the Russian Ambassador. Convinced he could turn Flynn's testimony into a charge of Lying to the FBI or maybe a violation of the arcane Logan Act, he set the plan in motion. It was a flagrant breach of public trust, he knew it was wrong and did it anyway. Agent Bill Priestapp, Struck's boss, said words to the effect, "Are we looking to find the truth here?... and if not what are the ends we're seeking? You have to have a pretty floppy moral tiller to ask that in an email. His timid cautionary note went unheeded. But guess what? It gets even better. It backfired. The Agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe he lied. OMG, Comey must have lamented, a squandered opportunity! No Problem, dependable Agent Struck, went back to his office and altered the 302s. (A written record of the interview.). GOTCHA! Anybody who doubts this only has to ask why the FBI needed Flynn's testimony to begin with. They didn't... they had no honest reason to call him in the first place. The FBI and the intelligence agencies had a full and complete transcript of the conversation, in black and white. This was the first of many attempts to take down Trump advisers. It was a conspiracy engineered behind closed doors by a cabal of dirty cops. It worked like a charm.

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