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by Bernie
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Adelaide de Caelkirk

Adelaide de Caelkirk

To think of the emotional roller coaster I've been through in my life. I am the eldest of five children, daughter to the King and Queen of Caelkirk and I am not in the line of succession. That would go to the next in line, my brother Emil. Since he was ten, he has studied and practiced and gone off into the military, risen through the ranks, become Duke of Allidia and set to marry Princess Olimia from the Loupitha Kingdom next Spring. Even my other siblings, with the exception of Rosabella since she's not even a year old yet, are all set with their arranged marriages. I was upset at first, then I was relieved about it, then I kind of wish I was apart of that. It seems like far less pressure than the responsibility I possess.

Saving the world weighs a little more. Feels like I'm being a little dramatic and it doesn't help that I'm not allowed to talk about it. I'm barely allowed to know about it. All I was supposed to know was that there was something I must do once I turned twenty-five. Quarter of the century or some old lady something or other. It irritates me to think about it, so I don't. No one will tell me anything. Not until I'm supposed to know. My mother is supposed to take me to see Lady Althena the day after my birthday.

Then I will know.

Until then, my life has been training. Physical, mental, and emotional training. My free time is often spent either alone or with my only friend, Mihaela. We've known each other since we were in diapers, our parents are close friends. She told me that she wants in on whatever it is I'm supposed to do and no matter how much I've tried to change her mind or force her out of it, she is coming with me. To be honest, I'm thankful for her. I've never been more afraid of what is to come than the thought of doing it knowing absolutely no one.

It's pretty ironic with all of my siblings knowing exactly what is to become of them, where they are going, having it all mapped out for them, and here I am not knowing anything beyond right now. All I know is five days a week I wake up at five in the morning and I am busy with training until five in the evening. All for something I have no idea what it's for, except saving the world.

No pressure.
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