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My attempt at an action-adventure story
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#984561 added August 11, 2020 at 11:44am
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Chapter Six - Partial - The Plan - Newly Drafted
~The Plan~

The men had their bags in the trunk of a cab within an hour of Lark's boots landing on Nelson's front porch. The ride to the airport was remarkably uneventful, but the airport was bustling as international flights came and went. They pushed on through the crush of bodies and spotted his Pastor already talking with Robert Olsen and Henderson. As they approached, the announcement for their flight to begin boarding was announced.

"Nick of time boys," Cane said good-naturedly as he handed them their tickets.

"Pastor, I'd like you to meet Nelson," Lark introduced. "He and served together some years back." Cane and Nelson shook hands as they made their way into the terminal and onto the plane.

"Glad to meet you," Cane said. "Thanks for coming." Nelson gave a quick nod and shoved his bag into the luggage bin above the seat before plopping down next to Lark. The seats were scattered about and not all together, so it was obvious not much discussion could be made while in flight. Nelson and Lark did the sensible thing and got as comfortable as possible and slept.


The small group quickly assembled once they landed at the Yanji International Airport in China. Cane had called ahead and made arrangements for a car rental and they exited the building into already frigid temperatures. It was just after one in the afternoon and despite of the long line, they were on the road in their unassuming silver Wuling Hongguang.

Cane, had also called ahead and made reservations
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