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My attempt at an action-adventure story
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Chapter Fourteen - Baby Drop
They woke to more dark skies and thick snow. Roadways were blocked, many closed completely down. The forecast was calling for more blizzard-like conditions and after a call to Pastor Cane, the trio was told to stay put until further notice. Wayne and Nelson hiked the four miles back up the road to the car rental agency.

Fuan Ruilin, the proprietor and owner of the little agency enthusiastically helped the Americans with the required paperwork and handed them the keys to a silver, late model sedan. They paid upfront for a three day's rental and was assured they could leave the keys at the airport and someone would be around to pick up the car after they left.

They returned to the hotel with burgers and fries from the Golden Arches and Cassy joined them in their room for a mid-day meal.

"How's your back feeling," Nelson asked as he chewed his food. "It needs to be checked again." Wayne paused with a fry halfway to his mouth and glanced back and forth between the two.

"What's wrong with your back?" He asked.

"Nothing to worry about," Cassy assured him. "It feels much better." She quickly took a large bite of cheeseburger to forestall more questions.

"They whipped her and left welts and gashes," Nelson said looking at Wayne. "How could ya'll send someone like her into a situation like that?"

Cassy glared at Nelson. "No one made me go, I wanted to!"

"You had no business going, you weren't even properly trained,|" Nelson countered with controlled temper.
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