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by Bernie
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Muriel Iyana

Muriel Iyana

My whole life I've been trying to prove myself. Prove to those who look at me and think there's nothing to me. A girl raised by her father, who happens to be a trader who runs a farm to raise animals for meat and leather. Nothing very feminine about it. It wasn't until I was ten, when I began to show natural magical abilities called fai's. My father would've rubbed it off, some people are born with fai abilities, but most just have very basic abilities. I don't. I was straight across the board with my elemental fai. Fire, ice, wind, water, earth. Not just a touch either, I can rage a ball of flame, conjure a wall of water from a pond, bring forth a quake in the earth, and shove a wind storm in any direction at any thing I want. I tried to suppress it, because I could do all of these things but it was hard to control and any direction didn't necessarily mean that was where I wanted it to go that way. My father finally brought me in front of the judgement counsel of Hargflait School of Magic, where I performed for them my fai abilities. I was admitted the same day and didn't leave with my father.

For the last fifteen years, I trained there. I learned and I honed my abilities. I can control my fai to the point where I could live with someone and never know I possessed them.

Now, I am free. I feel like I can take on the world, but I must return to my father's farm. I need to show him what I've learned, how I've grown. Prove to him that I am a woman who in charge of her destiny, in charge of herself. If I can prove to him that I have grown, then I can prove the world.
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