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¿Por qué?
DAY 2757 June 4, 2020
Half a century ago, the amazing courage of Rosa Parks, the visionary leadership of Martin Luther King, and the inspirational actions of the civil rights movement, led politicians to write equality into the law and make real the promise of America for all her citizens. -David Cameron
What happened to equality? How did we turn back the clock of time and commit the same horrible crimes that were a a social norm before Rosa and Martin's time? Your thoughts about what's happening across the United States

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#1901868 by Witchy woman

To ask the question, “what happened to equality” is to say we were all equal in the beginning. Our country was not built on equality, or freedom. No, if you really want to get down to it, our “land of the free” country was founded on blood, oppression, hate, and labor. When settlers first came to America, what did they call the people of this land? Americans? Natives? No, they were deemed a people of India, Indians, and because of our stupidity, they remain to be called such.

Because of the color of their skin, and the fear from the white men, the Native Americans were persecuted, driven from their land, scorned and tarnished. If you want to bring up history and say we all suffered, not just people of color, then please, retrace our ancestors. Who suffered during the Trial of Tears, the slave trade, or the Jim Crow laws? You need not stray far to see that our land has not changed. We may have taken steps towards a better future throughout our lands 200 plus years of existence but it always came with a cost, and a few steps back. So I ask you, why do you think this “great” country was founded on such an ideal such as equality?

Is it because of our history books, or the ideas you were raised on? The victors are the ones that write the story, while the losers are only heard of years after the war is lost. It does not matter who is right or wrong, the account of the past will be written by the ones who were successful in whatever conquest they fought. Shall your views be shaped by parents, elders, or other relatives, and you face criticism for remarks, the blame still falls on you. Yes, they molded you in believing their views, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with them. By some degree, everyone takes beliefs from someone else, but it’s up to you to determine the truth. And this is where the Blacks Lives Matter Movement comes into play.

Black and brown people have never been fully recognized in America, and the killing of George Floyd, well, it pushed people over the edge. And it should have. The unrest in our country is something that should of happened years ago, but not at such a high cost as the victims of police over these years.

Those who say that all lives matter are right, all lives do matter, but that isn’t what we’re talking about right now. And it makes me wonder something else. Does that belief come to be said because no one wants to face the reality of racism, or because of something else? I don’t understand it, really.

Too many lives in this country and around the world have been killed by police and the ever reaching effects of racism, and maybe this will enact change. Because if it does not, we are doomed to repeat history over and over.

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