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My attempt at an action-adventure story
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"You've got to help me," the demanding voice of his baby girl raged though the phone Thomas Everett held against his ear. "If you don't help me, I'm going to kill myself."

The threat made a vise-like grip tighten around the middle-aged man's heart. Didn't she know her words sliced right through him to his soul? "Everything is going to be all okay baby doll," He said in the same soothing tone he used countless other times in the past. "Mama and I will make travel plans and come for a visit."

"No!" Bethany shouted into the phone, causing Tom to wince. "I don't want a stupid visit! I want you to get me out of here!" He could tell she was speaking through tightly clenched teeth. Elaine Everett sat at her makeup table and made eye contact with her husband in the reflection of the mirror. Her cool, azure eyes locked with his warm brown ones.

"Very well Doll," Tom said. "We will come and get you and the baby and we will all come back here together."

"That thing belongs here," She spat out. "I want nothing to do with it. I never asked for it in the first place." Tom cringed at the cold, hatred that laced his daughter's words. How could a mother despise her newborn with such venom? As soon as she had found out she was pregnant she had begged them to send money so she could get rid of it. Against his better judgment, his wife had insisted they do as their daughter demanded and they had sent the funds.

However, since the embryo was a male, and in good health, they demanded a signed consent from the husband before agreeing to perform the procedure. Of course, the father, Zhang Yong would never consent to kill that which would be his firstborn son. His heir and assurance the family bloodline would continue. So, Bethany had no choice but to let the baby continue to grow inside of her. After her third month, she had started to bleed and was put on strict bed rest. Zhang hired a full-time, live-in nurse to look after his wife and to ensure she followed doctor's orders. As the weeks passed, her resentment towards her husband, her family, and even the baby grew. She became so easily agitated and angry, doctors worried she would lose the baby, despite being on bed rest.

Elaine stood and crossed the room to where her husband sat on the edge of the bed and held out her hand for the phone. Without a word, he handed it over to his wife.

"Bethany Ann that is my grandson your talking about," She said in a cold, hard tone. One she had used countless other times with her headstrong, spoiled daughter. "You will do as your father has said. You will pack up some things for both you and the boy. You will ensure that husband of yours does not see those bags. Do you understand me?"

"I hear you," the now more subdued, but sullen voice responded. "How soon are you going to get here?"

"You have a lot to do before we arrive, young lady," Elaine said as she lit a cigarette. Her husband eased out of the room to let the two women hatch their plans. Whatever it was, he didn't want to know, but he knew, without doubt, he'd be roped into it soon enough. He sighed. Why the hell couldn't he be attracted to simple, no drama women? Why did he go for bossy, demanding, and semi-evil ones?

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