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Week 4 - W/E 6/28/20
The Perils of Being a City Zebra*

The city's roads are dangerous,
with cars and trucks galore.
Pedestrians must walk with care
and hazards not ignore.

That's why the crosswalk's really great;
it helps keep walkers safe
and treats us all impartially
from wealthy toff to waif.

Except for zebras, who are cursed
with coats stripped black and white,
so if they try to cross the street
they're asking for a fright.

For crosswalks ain't for zebra-kind.
It's prejudice, I say!
But zebras are such wily beasts,
they'll find another way.

*note that in the UK we call one kind of crosswalk a Zebra Crossing. *Wink*

16 lines
common measure
Week 4 prompt: Imagine a scene or a moment in a pedestrian crosswalk

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