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Week 5 - W/E 7/5/20
Prompt: Write a poem inspired by a color. Any color, poet's choice.

WARNING! The poem below is sexual in nature. It also contains a highly addictive substance. You have been warned.

That Girl!

When I think of the color brown
it takes away my frown.
It reminds me of days long ago,
of winters with hearths all aglow.
For brown are the logs in the fire
and brown are the eyes I desire.
Light brown is the color of skin
that gets my poor head in a spin.
Dark brown is her hair to her waist
and so is the hair where I taste.
Her breasts are more brown at the tips.
Let's not mention the curve of her hips.
That girl keeps me up really late,
more addicting than dark chocolate.

14 lines in a loose, non-traditional sonnet form

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