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Boss of Me
Life is unfair, it’s a
ten by twelve room.
There’s a bed, and your chair and
Painted in the same colors as the walls
There’s an ocean.
It’s the same ocean hanging
in every room, so peaceful and calm.
So why do you fight?
It’s the same schedule in every room,
you can hear the clock count it out.
It’s time to get up,
then it’s time to eat.
Time to walk you to the toilet,
Time to wash you and scold you,
for your indiscretions in bodily fluids.
Time to forget your name, because
names make it harder to forget you.
It’s an eight hour shift and you’re
the next room number on my list.
Every day it’s the same,
for so little pay.
I need to get you settled in bed
and all you can say is
“You’re not the boss of me”.

24 lines

Prompt:Make the title of your poem one of your favorite songs

Song: Boss of Me  , by They Might Be Giants

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