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Living in July -- BBQ

So, it's summer time and summer is known for BBQ. And thankfully BBQ is something you can do in your backyard, especially with COVID. If anything, learning to cook, experimenting with your cooking, and developing cooking techniques is a way to pass the time during COVID. Here in Southern California, with it the temps slowly climbling, I don't like to eat a lot of heavy foods, as they make me feel full and bloated in the heat. I much prefer BBQ'ing my meats.

BBQ is short for Barbeque. And BBQ is about cooking your food on a grill using slow, circumvented hot air with the lid closed. There are all kinds of grills you can use: charcoal, gas, wood chips, etc. I think it's easy to confuse BBQ and grilling as grilling is a technique in which you cook with the lid up and direct heat on the bottom.

I use a combo of both. So I grill and I BBQ. haha.

My favorite things to grill are pork ribs, hot dogs, sausages, and steaks. I don't mind grilling grilling shrimp or fish but they require a bit more prep. Chicken is always a challenge as it does grill well, but if you prep it right, I can put it on the rack above the flames, put the heat on low, and turn every so often.

Costco has been selling a lot of short ribs recently and so I came up with a marinade recipe that impresses the boys.


veggie oil
EVOO -- I use a fufu Garlic Oil from https://olivehillfarm.com/ (I like to support local, and while not local, local, (they are a two hour drive from my house) I can get them to mail me the fufu EVOO so I'm happy. My favorites are garlic and basil olive oils.
minced garlic
soy sauce
fish sauce
green onions
1 jalapeno

I usually eyeball the marinade. It's so much funner that way. It's "Asian" inspired with a touch of Mexican but it comes out wonderful and it really flavors the meat.

Anyhoo... just thought I'd share as it ain't easy living in a COVID word, but BBQ'ing and grilling is something that you can do when trying to stay busy.

Do you have any tips, receipes, etc...you'd like to share?

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