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by Ned
Rated: 13+ · Book · Emotional · #2227002
A poem a day keeps the cobwebs off my keyboard.
#988665 added July 20, 2020 at 11:07am
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Here, where it is clear
Out there, where
The salty wind comes from,
The ocean is blue.
It churns and crests;
A powerful swirling deep.

Here, on the shore
I dig my toes into the sand
Only to have them uncovered,
By the rippling return
That tumbles haphazardly over the pebbles at the water's edge.

I cannot partake of the ocean's
Potent rolling, I would be overcome.
But here, where it is playful and clear,
I can rest in it's gentle tickling,
And catch it in a bucket

16 lines
Daily Poetry July 20, 2020
Prompt: Tell me about something you love to do to relax.
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