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A book of poetry inspired by the images of Maggie Stiefvater's 'Raven's Prophecy Tarot'.
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She’s a sight to behold
as she barrels in,
both metaphorical guns blazing,
any derision not breaking
her stride.
Sword in hand,
her confidence sends flames
the length of the blade.
There’s not a sight
of self-doubt here,
as she wields
it with the efficiency
of a seasoned warrior,
a fact that belies
her novice status
with the sword.
She exudes confidence,
swinging in time
with her lifeline beat
and I tell you something...
she won’t accept defeat.
If you’re a friend
she’ll stand beside you
ready to defend when
someone springs in to attack.
But be warned -
you’ll find she’ll make
on hell of a
formidable enemy.
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