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Sleepy Kitty
Lazy kitty, asleep in the sun,
Won't you play with me, have some fun?
We can play any game you choose,
Please don’t curl up and snooze.

Sleepy kitty, please chase the ball,
Won’t you play with me at all?
If you won’t, then here’s what I’ll do
I’ll find a new pet at the zoo.

There’s the giraffe, on his back I could ride,
Or down his long neck I might slide.
But at eighteen feet, he’s quite tall,
Perhaps he won’t do at all.

The monkey’s a barrel of fun,
But oh, the mess when he’s done.
He’s not very tidy at meals,
Covering the floor in banana peels.

Lions have long, soft manes,
But lions are not very tame.
With a big toothy grin they will greet you,
And look like they want to eat you.

Oh, Kitty, you’re awake from your nap,
And come to sit in my lap.
For me, no other pet will do,
Sleepy kitty, I love only you.

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