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Beautiful Beirut - my heart breaks for you
Prompt: Lecture time. Write about some harsh truths that people need to accept.

Sigh. What a shit week. Scratch that. What a SHIT YEAR. 2020 can just fuck off already.

I don't even know where to begin at this point. Basically, I'm heartbroken. Furious. Enraged. Fucking pissed off at the enormity of it all.

Let me just tell you that first off, I have dual citizenship [twitter jag offs keep calling me out for living in the US]. US born and raised, and then Lebanese. I have lived in Lebanon back in the early 1990s when they were coming out of civil war. I've seen the destruction that left behind and watched as they worked their assess off to rebuild the city of Beirut again. I have spent nearly every summer since 1992 there. I lived in the heart of Beirut. My husband's soccer team is located in Ashrafieh, which is now obliterated. We spent a lot of time in that suburb of East Beirut. I was there in 2006 when Hezbollah and Israel destroyed the country all over again. What an evacuation story that was.

What happened on Tuesday is mind boggling. I keep trying to wrap my damn head around it, erase the horrifying images from my mind, but I can't. Every day brings new videos, new tales of terror, and the fucking piece of shit government that has robbed, raped, manipulated and ruined what beauty Lebanon has to offer, hasn't done one damn thing. Not. One. They are too busy lining their pockets and neglecting their people.

They get on tv and say they will bring justice for those lost. Really? Hey fuck stick, YOU are the ones to blame. Every god damned last one of them in that government. You knew there were 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate sitting there for 6 fucking years. You knew damn well it was dangerous. What did you do? And do not even try to sell me the bullshit that it was confiscated and awaiting being shipped out. Unless of course you mean confiscated so that Fucking Asshole Nashrallah could build bombs with it. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Period. If you cannot acknowledge that. Fuck You. There is no help for you. Every person in that festering feces of an org can rot the fuck in hell.

The corruption is rampant over there. And we are not just talking about 2020, or 2019. This goes way back. My last name is...so therefore I'm entitled to...Fucking Soulless Assholes. Once Hezbollah got into the government, it's been a massive shit stain on the entire government and country as a whole. The civil war ended in 1990. To this day they still do not have 24 hour electricity. Imagine going to the grocery store and carrying everything you bought up flights of stairs to your house, putting the groceries away and your refrigerator is off. Up in the mountain where my house is, and yes, I still have a house there, we are lucky to get electric 12 hours a day. It comes and goes in intervals of 6 hours at a time. You can practically set your watch by it. Not this year. This year they are lucky to get 3 hours of electricity in a 24 hour period. And that's not just up in my mountain. That's Lebanon as a whole. Punishment for protesting I suspect.

When the younger generation took to the streets protesting, the economy was on the brink of collapse. They wanted the corruption to stop and the corrupt officials to step aside. They knew there was a better way. There had to be. Only 3 people stepped down. 3. They tried negotiating, suddenly claiming after 40 years of sporadic electricity, they had the means to provide everyone 24/7 electric. *Shock* *Headbang* How the fuck is it, that they had the means, knew their people were suffering, yet did nothing about it? WTF. Someone please explain this bullshit to me because for the life of me, I cannot figure it out. Do they get off knowing they are making people suffer?

Covid hit. Still they protested. These oppressed people have been taking to the streets for over six months, and the government refuses to step aside.

And now the blast that has killed, hundreds [so many are unaccounted for], injured 5000+, and destroyed half of Beirut happens. Where is the government? No where to be seen. The people, after being shocked to their core are the ones digging through rubble looking for survivors. They are ones cleaning up the debris so people can walk the streets and drive on the roads.

First they claimed it was fireworks. Laughable. Anyone who saw that footage, hell even a toddler could tell you that wasn't fireworks. When that explanation didn't fly, what did they do? They blamed the port authority for storing the explosives. *Facepalm* Just on whose authority was it that the explosives came to be there? Some random dude on the street? Fuckers. Now they've locked those people up. We all know who should be the ones rotting in a cell.

Yesterday, Macron from France arrived. It was heartbreaking watching people begging him to get involved, to help them. Every citizen there knows if money comes in, they will never see it. Macron swore he wasn't there for their government, but for the people. France's help would go to the people to rebuild, to eat, to help them find shelter as more than 300,000 are now homeless. What did the piece of shit excuse for a human being President do today as the 1.5 million ton shipment with food and medical supplies was set to arrive? He denied them entry. He told France they didn't need their help. Are you fucking insane? People are dying. Your food supply has nothing to replenish it since the grain silo at the port was destroyed. Everything is imported. And yet you want to be the world's biggest asshole and not help the very people who put your sorry ass in office? Go straight to hell Michel Aoun. Just who in the fuck do you think you are?

Instead of taking the desperately needed help and saving your people, you've decided you'd rather keep your head up the ass of Iran, and that terrorist Hassan Nasrallah. For fucks sake. Do you have a heart? Obviously not. The me mentality pisses me off to no end. This government is incapable of doing the right thing. They all need to be driven out of office, and out of the fucking country. Every last one of these fuckers. They all knew what was at the port. Did they care? Nope. God forbid they thought of something other than lining their pockets and kissing a terrorists ass.

Also today, the henchmen of Hezbollah were seen donning Red Cross clothing and shifting through the explosion site. Why? What the fuck were they looking for? What are they hiding. The President also decided they didn't want an international investigation. You know why? Because it will be proven that they willingly knew Hezbollah were making bombs. I also suspect that since Israel has been claiming this for years, that they actually bombed the site once it was confirmed that's what was happening there. I can't prove it. But I've lived there long enough, and seen enough as to what goes on over there to have an inkling of how things work over there. Israel has an itchy trigger finger where Hezbollah is concerned, and I don't blame them for that.

I also think the Israeli government are bunch of fucking hypocrites. Bombing the shit out of Palestine and killing Palestinians, bombing the shit out of Lebanon and killing innocents there as well, and suddenly, they want to help? Why now? Did they suddenly find their humanity? Doubtful. Is it possible that they bombed the site, not realizing the scope of what was underground? Hell fucking yes. I call fucking guilt on their quick conscious as to why they are so willing to help.

In a nutshell. If you support or follow a terrorist or terrorist organization, that makes you a shit stain on society. And I've got news for you, the NRA and KKK are included in this. You better fucking believe they are just as bad as Hezbollah.

I think I've ranted enough. I need a good long cry after I get out of work today. It's the only way I know how to decompress.

Rant over

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