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I Want to Write My Heart in Colors
I want to write my heart in colors,
words cannot contain it.
How can I show you passion in such
Stark strokes? How can I mute my
gratitude in grays and shadows
when love demands more scope?

You found me wandering, lost in
crowds of voices, I was unheard.
Keeping my distance by
throwing stubborn words against walls.
Declaring I would never fall,
then begging your arms to catch me.

If my pen could be transformed,
I would paint my soul across your pages,
and then hide myself within them.
My disguise so clever, I could never be caught.
Taking refuge where only you
can see through my defenses.

I want to fly my heart in ribbons,
fluttering in wild abandon.
A banner of unclaimed affection,
until unfurled by your hands.
Friend of my soul, my true companion
Only you can open me

I want to write my heart in colors
And show you
every shade
of me.

28 Lines
Free verse

Written for : Rising to the Challenge, August 2020
Prompt: Please include these words in your poem:
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