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This book is for the person who wants to transform thier life in a positive way.
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Researc and Notes

Daily Life

Being compassionate

Identifying problem in advance
It is a life change
attitudes will have to change
evaluate your life
evaluate your mind
take stock of relationships
About people-not just men or women

My have to reject long held attitudes
Asking questions
Getting involved
Mind and body
Thinking For Yourself
Don't Be Apologetic
Be Your Person
Pay attention to your relaxation

Add in your beliefs
Work to improve the world
Not all about money
using eco-friendly products and routines
getting past family


-What is aware?
-The importance of being aware.
-When to be aware

Book 1:Your Positive Life

Chapter 1:Letting Go Of Long Held Attitudes And Keeping What Works
-Where your long held attitudes come from
-Deciding whether or not your beliefs and attitudes are limiting
-Be proud of your attitudes
-Trumpeting your attitudes
-Being sensitive but being strong
-Being non-apologetic
-Letting your attitudes reflect in everything you do.
-Who surrounds you.
-Either decisive or preachy.
-Still listen.Recognizing the worth of everyone.
-Your attitudes, your look.
-Display Don't Persuade
-Elimination or Reduction
-Seeing What's Realistic
-How You Can Feel After
Chapter 2:Thinking Of Yourself Is Thinking Of Others
-The winning morning routine.
-Other exercise routines
-What meals work best
-Healthy recipes
-Make sure to relax
-How not to become stressed
-Veggie, Vegan, The Difference
-Doing what's best for you-moderation
-Self-care is not indulgence.
-Being healthy might not be a solitary endeavor
-Healthy Body + Healthy Mind=Positive Life
-What is it about Gluten-Free
-Don't be shy
Chapter 3:Ask, Ask, Ask
-Being aware is not being nosy.
-Internal Tools
-Differences shaping our lives
-Ways of asking
-Gratitude of others
-What we really need
-You might not know them as well as you think
-Responding helpfully
-Learning from others-You can
-Making a mistake-maybe a loss
-Research if you like
Chapter 4:If It's Important To You It's Important To Me
-What are your values
-Meeting and finding out
-Respecting others beliefs and values
-Research into different customs
-Doing what you must-theirs not yours
-It's just for a little while-things you might not enjoy
-Reassuring, Not Changing
-What you deserve back and being accepting of attitudes
-What Do I Bring?
Chapter 5:Handling Your Family And Your Outlook
-Evaluating Your Family Dynamic
-Constructing a plan.
-Be firm but be flexible.
-If you have to constantly explain.
-Are there things you need to let go of?
Chapter 6:Getting Involved And Not Staying Silent
-Family Problems
-You don't know them but they are in trouble
1)Social Services
2)People you meet randomly
3)Calls for help
Chapter 7:How Eco-Friendly Factors In
-The problems the planet faces.
-How being eco-friendly affects your life.

Book 1:It's About Business But Not All About Money

Chapter 1:Looking At What Business You Want To Be A Part Of
-The Finding Formula
Chapter 2:The Values That Suit Your Business
-Taking stock of what is important to you
-How you think your clients should be treated.
-Your past experiences.
-Your visitors and clients first impressions
-Finding a tag line
Chapter 3:Planning Ahead
-Making a Schedule for you and your family
-Planning Your Perfect Work Space
-Introducing Those You Love To Your Business
-Making your first copy
1)The Foundation Package
Chapter 4:The People And Values
-Screening process for employees
1)Their values
2)Your initial impressions
3)How can you mesh
4)Questions to ask references.
-Screening process for clients
-Your rules and needs.
1)What do you want in a client.
2)Finding out what they expect of you.
3)Can your values and theirs meet?
4)How I use my Facebook Group
Chapter 5:Acceptance and Differences
Chapter 6:The Safety Tools
Chapter 7:Team Involvement
Chapter 8:Eco-Friendly Workplace
Chapter 9:Making The Customer Experience Positive
Chapter 10:Outside Your Business

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