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Catching Up
I cannot believe how fast time traveled from the 11th of AUG until now. I was hoping to update my blog between now and then 2-3 times, but heck, I'm happy to have a second or two do catch up with you all now.


So, my youngest started 9th grade. High school, right? Exciting, right? Nope. Here is SoCal, my son is starting school online. Initially he was very apprehensive and nervous, but on the first day of school everything seemed to work out and he is now on a schedule.

Then the next best thing happened.

He was Zoom Bombed!*Bomb* The Assistant Principal called me. I had no idea what a zoom bomb was!! *Bomb* (it's when someone uses a class's zoom link that isn't the classroom, shows up and uses cuss words or other obnoxious and unprintable words) -- I guess you need a least 2 ppl to zoom bomb. *Bomb* One to give out the link and the 2nd one to zoom bomb. And too boot the Zoom Bomber *Bomb* has been using names of kids in the class and even used my kid's name!!

I was upset. Joey was upset. We had NO IDEA what a zoom bomb *Bomb* was.
Great. Now we gotta deal with this zoom bomb madness. The "hopeful" news is that the school assistant principal is on the case I think they've identified who one of the zoom bombers are. Crossing my fingers.

My oldest starts college on Monday at the local community college. He's got English, Math, Counseling 150, and Intro to Theater. Not all classes are loaded in Canvas. And he has to pick up the English book curbside. Hopefully Monday isn't a $hit Show.


I have a new release!
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Well,it's kinda old, but new again. I wrote several short stories for Victory Tales Press but they went out of business in 2017. I managed to find a small press for 3 of the titles, (which by the way need some marketing love). And just recently, I was able to update and republish/self publish Young Witchcraft. I have a couple of more titles I'd like to get out there, Arrow Through the Heart, Gifts, and A Polish Heart, but I need to re-read and evaluate. Once I have my short stories done, I'll be looking at my Desert Breeze titles AND I'm trying to finish 2 WIPs. Anyhoo...if you'd like to check out my new release it's only 99 cents. *Smile*


I'm reading "Me" by Elton John. I was never a fan of his music, or his outlandish costumes, but I'm enjoying his memoir. It's gritty and raw and honest.


I'm also reading "Live Free or Die" by Sean Hannity and "Too Much and Never Enough" by Mary Trump. Very divisive titles by very divisive authors, but I'm a political science junkie and I want to read both sides of the story. Don't shoot me. Don't threaten to TP my house or call me names. Don't call me stupid or ignorant. Quite honestly, I have my own personal political opinions which I keep to myself for the the most part as I have no desire to stir the emotional pot, especially with all the COVID drama going on. I need to keep my blood pressure down...


it's not good. I was on meds for my BP in APR, it leveled out and the doctor said I could get off it.Well, it's back up so I'm on them again, though I must admit, my body seems better adjusted, though the effect isn't as quick/fast/dramatic as before. I am on weight watchers but I've been "maintaining" since April. I am going to modify my diet a tad and focus on a low carb intake. We'll see how that goes. I'm taking garlique to help out, and I probably should get new blood work done. Next time I go to the doctor's I think.


August has been hot. Thank goodness we fixed the AC last November! Castaic Lake is closed since its a Command Post for the Lake Fire.

So, that's all the stuff going on since I last wrote. I've been following the Basketball playoffs and the Red Sox but the Red Sox sux. Pitching is B.A.D. We're bottom dwellers. But I'm a fan 4 life so... go Sox! Been watching Hard Knocks, but gosh, it's kinda boring. I like the Chargers' coach, Anthony Lynn as he comes across really down to Earth and real. Sean McVay is really football smart, but gosh he's a FuFu. I can't relate to life at the McVay house.

Stay cool my friends.And drink Dos Equix.

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