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Day Trip
Last Saturday, the family had a day off. It was going to be hot in Santa Clarita, and Castaic Lake was closed (since it is the command post for the Lake Fire) and we needed to get out. We've been a good little family since COVID restrictions hit. We don't get out much, but there's not much to get out to. Here in So Cal, especially LA County, a lot of things are still closed. Nail Salons/Hair places can only operate outdoors. Restaurants can do take out or offer outdoors patio dining. (That's tough because it's HOT and not a lot of ppl want to eat outside in the searing heat) School are closed and are online ONLY. The Pac 12 is not playing fall sports which in include football, so no college football. Our typical day is: I go to work, do physical therapy, (on my knee, this is my last week) go home, eat dinner. Watch TV, do housework, read a book, go to bed. The boys go to school online, and hang out at the house. (The one plus is that Joey is signed up for a Volleyball clinic so we got out of the house last night) -- The bowling alley is closed. There's no boy scouts. Everyone wears a mask and even at work they preach social distancing. sigh... If anything, it's mentally draining. The amusement parks are closed. The only thing open is the beach.

So last Saturday we said, let's get out of the house and go to the beach. The good thing about the beach is that it's usually 10-15 degrees cooler than the searing heat of Santa Clarita.

It was nice because it was off the cuff and nothing was planned. We just went with the flow. We left around noon and our first stop was the Outlet Malls in Camarillo. As we cruised through Ventura, we discovered a rally on the corner of a park. People were wearing red, white, and blue, waving flags. There were two banners -- back the blue and Trump. It was heartwarming to see since I'm a 911 dispatcher and a veteran.

The Outlet Malls were packed. Some stores had waiting lines outside of the establishment so as to mind social distancing. We found some athletic shorts that my son liked and then it was off to the local seafood place.

The local seafood place is in the Ventura Harbor and it's called Andria's. The fish there is very fresh. I split the meal with my husband. We had a mixed platter with beer battered fish, calamari, scallops, and shrimp. Yummy. My fussy son got chicken nuggets and fries from a place close by. The temp was 82 but it was humid so it felt hot. We ate outdoors, so it was a tad hot for us (but not as hot as it would have been in Santa Clarita!!) Afterwords we crossed the street and put our foot in the water. On the beach, it felt much cooler.

I love the water. I'd love to live in Ventura (or Catalina Island) when I get old and retire, but it probably won't happen.

Next we go, we'll plan a tad better and be a bit more organized, but not bad for a spur of the moment pack up and go.

I'd love to hear what you do to stay cool or what stuff is open in your part of the USA.

Have a good one

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