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A collection of stories about when I was a caregiver
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50 Cent Rich
Matthew 6:11 "Give us this day our daily bread."

When I was a caregiver, I had the privilege of working with a man by the name of Jessie. Jessie was in his thirties, severely mentally disabled, physically disabled but did have a moderate vocabulary and could speak.

Each morning, after breakfast and as he and his housemates were heading out the door to go to the workshop, he would be given exactly two quarters. Each and every morning, Jessie would hold out his hand, watch the two coins drop in his palm and a beaming smile would explode over his face. He would clap his hands, hold his hands up as if in praise, nod his head and say, "Yeah Baby, Come on, Yeah!" He would push those two precious coins into his pants pocket for safekeeping.

At lunch, each afternoon, the staff worker at the workshop would ask Jessie, "You got your two quarters?" And Jessie would again become very excited, clap his hands and exclaim "Yeah Baby!" He would fish in his pockets and pull out the two coin and follow the worker to the coke machine. There, the worker would assist Jessie in pushing the coins, one at a time, into the slot, pushing the button and retrieving the coke from the bottom of the machine. Every day, Jessie expressed such abundant joy and excitement at the reward of his sugary treat.

Now, on rare days, when Jessie was not given his daily 50 cents he would not throw fits or become angry, but neither did he get so happy and excited. Sometimes, staff would not have the 50 cents and sometimes, he would get a dollar bill but that did not always work out so well. To Jessie, a dollar bill had no value. It was a piece of paper and often times he would throw it away or just leave it lying around. By the same token, staff could give Jessie any combination of coins that would equal 50 cents, but again, it held no value to Jessie.

Once, as an experiment, staff handed Jessie an entire roll of loose quarters. He looked at his hands overflowing with coins, looked at the staff, and put the coins on the nearest table. He looked at the staff and said, "That's alright," and patted the staff on the shoulder! His tone clearly said, "Hey, you screwed up but at least you tried." He carefully selected his TWO quarters from the pile and was happy and shouted "Yeah Baby!"

When Jesus prayed, he prayed for God to give us our Daily bread. Not weekly bread. Not abundant bread. But he specified daily bread. When the children of Isreal wandered in the desert, God provided daily Mana for them to eat. However, they were only allowed to take just the amount they could eat right then for that meal! Any leftover would turn to maggots. I believe Jesus knew that sometimes when we have an overabundance or an overflow of something we take it for granted. It loses its value and we become more careless with what we do have.

Through that, and by Jessie's example I have learned to be exuberant and thankful when I have just enough to get by. I may not know where my next supply of whatever I need is coming, but I am thankful for what I have at that precise moment. I know I can trust God to provide my next...So, take a quick look at your life right here and now. What is it that you have just enough to get by?

Is it food? You may have just barely enough to feed your family the next meal but after that...who knows?
Is it money? You have just barely enough to pay that bill, but after that...who knows?
Is it medicine?
Is it gas in your car?
Is it all the above?

Take a moment, give thanks and celebrate what you have here and now! Because, if you have enough right here and now to get by, then you are rich and you are blessed, and that is worth celebrating and shouting about.

a gift from a friendLet the Son shine in your life.
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