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#992198 added September 2, 2020 at 10:00pm
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Manic Monday - The Bangels - 1986
Monday was hell. I'm not going to lie about that. Everything went wrong, pretty much.

It's my job to open the gas station 4 days a week. I hardly ever sleep well on Sunday night. Probably because I know how busy I'm going to be for the next 5 days, worried about making ends meet on a new business, trying to figure out where to get products that no one seems to have in stock, etc. Either I forgot to set my alarm, or it went off and I shut it off immediately and went back to sleep.

R, my husband wakes me 6:45. I'm usually up at 5 and out the door by 5:30. I rush out of bed, do my usual routine, minus the coffee and off I go. I heard him moving around, figured he wouldn't be too far behind me heading to work. My money-making time at work is 6-8 am. Losing a full hour of money was a hard pill for me to swallow.

At 7:30, R calls. The first thing he says is I've been in an accident. It's not just the shock that had me shaking most of the day. His voice was so shaken, that it had me shaking as well. He tells me the car is probably totaled. He loved that car. I hated that car, so of course, I feel guilty because I've told him for the last 4 years how much I hate that car. I call and wake our youngest, tell him to be ready to go get his dad. R shows up at work, tells me about the accident, and how if he'd been driving any faster, or hadn't seen the guy blowing the red light he and the car would've been ripped in half. Between his voice on the phone, and the thoughts that race upon hearing that, I just couldn't shake it all day.

R's Accident

I spilled a full bottle of Lemonade on a customer's 10 lottery tickets. *Facepalm* Lucky for me it was a regular and he gave me a pass.

Things just went downhill for the rest of the day. And then, R tells me he's going to his soccer game that night. *Shock2*
Me: Are you out of your damn mind?
R: laughs
Me: You've been in an accident, you've worked your butt off all day, all of the trauma is going to hit you. You're not going.
R: goes back to work.

Well, of course, he went to his game. Seriously I was livid. Tempted to grab onto his leg and see if he could drag me out the door with him. I mean come on, we are 53 and 52. Our bodies do not heal like they used to, and we both have had broken bones that have led to arthritis and other issues that remind us they are there on a daily basis. If he hadn't been in an accident I probably would've smacked him upside the head, but I didn't.

I went to bed while he was gone. Tuesday he comes into work.
Me: You're limping
R: Yea, my knee
Me: How's your back? [he was feeling the accident before he came home from work Monday]
R: Sore
Me: Sigh, I told you not to do it. I told you not to go play soccer, that you'd be feeling everything.
R: I had to go. And I kicked ass!
Me: *Headbang* *Headbang* *Headbang* I give

Manic Monday - The Bangels - 1986

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