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19 years - 9/11 Never Forget
LAFD image to remember 9-11

There are just events that happen which are burned into our memories. They may fade over time, but the emotion you feel years later is still strong.

For the older generation who fought in World War II, Pearl Harbor is that day. (The Greatest Generation, 1901-1927)

For some, JFK's assassination is the moment. (the Baby Boomers)

For others, the Challenger destruction, moments after launch in 1986 is another. This is a moment that hasn't faded and powerful emotions can have me in tears in seconds. (Generation X)

Another moment was when American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 struck the Twin Towers. American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon. United Airlines Flight 93 crash landed in Shanksville, PA after the crew and passengers fought back and attempted to regain control of the Airplane which was headed toward Washington DC. (the Millenials)

9-11 still resonates with me. I was in the military from 86-97. In Feb 2000, I was hired as a 911 dispatcher for LAPD. I was 19 months into my new career and 3 months pregnant. I woke up, went downstairs, and turned on the TV. The north tower was ablaze. I watched the second plane crash into the south tower and my heart sunk into my chest.

What was wrong with the world? I thought. What kind of world am I bringing my child into? I didn't even now the sex of the child at the time! (Nowadays my son is 18. The world has changed - its different from my growing up years and his experiences growing up are different from mine.) I still wonder to this day what kind of world I brought my boys into and if I gave them a solid start to tto live in this world.

I gave Roll call training today. It was supposed to be about terrorism in LA, but I blew through that and spent a bunch of time on 9-11 and the events that lead up to that event. For me,its personal. We will never forget. My remembering this event and honoring it (like we do the anniversary of D-Day) we think about what's important in our lives. Our families. Our jobs. Our way of life.

I challenged the shift to just spend a moment or two in silence. Say a prayer for those lost their lives, and their families. Do one kind thing today. I think UA Flight 93, who knew the danger they were in and tried to fight back, would appreciate that small gesture. I will never forget their heroism or the bravery of every person on every flight,the unsuspecting people in the twin towers just getting to work,and the courgeous firefighters, police officers and port authority officers who responded.

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