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My goals for the DGZ team.
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It’s been a while since I’ve done this, but in that time my goals have changed. I now would like to do the following:

1) Complete five reviews this month
2) Study an hour a day —> 28 hours by Oct. 31st
3) Participate in one contest
4) Do 5 blog entries for the month

Destination: Goal Zone  (E)
A community to help each other reach our goals.
#2207262 by Rhoswen - Relentless Victory


Goal #1: ~Complete five reviews for the month~

1) Review of "Author's Hut Message forum" *CheckG*
2) Invalid Review *CheckG*
3) Review of "A Fall Foods Poll..." *CheckG*
4) {review:} *CheckR*
5) {review:} *CheckR*

*Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2**Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2**Bats*

Goal #2: ~Study an hour a day~
^Take it one week at a time^

Week 1: Reading and English —> 7 hours *CheckG*
Week 2: Science and Reading —> 7 hours*CheckG*
Week 3: Math and English —> 7 hours *CheckG*
Week 4: Science and Reading —> 7 hours *CheckG*

*Spider* *Ghost* *Spider* *Ghost* *Spider* *Ghost* *Spider* *Ghost* *Spider* *Ghost* *Spider* *Ghost* *Spider* *Ghost* *Spider* *Ghost*

Goal #3: ~Participant in one contest~

"Invalid Item

Contest Entries ⬇️

1) "A Perilous Night
2) "Sirus Black Free!
3) "Toads and Snakes
4) "Bloody Dementors
5) "A Midnight Meeting

*Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2**Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2* *Bats* *Pumpkin2**Bats*

Goal #4: ~Do 5 blog entries~

1) "My Autumn Love *CheckG*
2) "Thoughts on New Years’ Eve *CheckG*
3) "What Is Hell? *CheckG*
4) "October *CheckG*
5) "Friends, please *CheckG*

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