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The Closet
The Closet

Gemma buried herself beneath her blankets so only her eyes and the top of her head remained visible. She could hear the faintest tapping coming from inside her toy closet. Her mother had already been up and looked inside it, showing the five year old that there was nothing there but toys.

"Look," she'd held up one of the dolls. "It must have been Mary Jane falling off the shelf."

"No, Mommy. It wasn't that. I saw something moving in there. Something big."

"Gemma, whatever you think you saw, it wasn't real. You imagined it. Now, it's getting very late so please try and go to sleep." Her mother had leaned forward, kissed her on the forehead and left the room, leaving Gemma to stare at the slatted door.

The night-light did not give off enough of a glow to illuminate that part of the room, not properly at least, and yet Gemma still caught sight of the movement. As she gripped the covers she saw something red, glowing... It looked like an eye and it was staring right at her.

Knowing it would make her mother cross if she called out again, Gemma tried to stifle her sobs and let no more than a whimper escape her lips. She shut her eyes, squeezed them tight and began to count to ten over and over again.

The click of the cupboard door latch seemed as loud as a gunshot inside the quiet room and she couldn't help it; Gemma screamed.

There was the sound of her mother's footsteps hurrying up the stairs, and the bedroom door opened to let in some extra light before it was closed again.

"What is it, Gemma..."

The girl pointed a trembling finger towards the cupboard.

"We've already been through this, Gems. There's nothing inside there but toys."

"It... it opened..." Gemma sobbed. "I heard it."

"Shh, now. I must have just not closed it properly, that's all." Clare stroked her daughter's hair from her face, wiped away her tears. "Oh, Gems, it did give you a fright, didn't it."

Gemma's eyes were no longer on her mother's face, but were peering over her shoulder, widening in horror. Clare felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as there was a slight creak from the toy cupboard.

"Mommy, you kept telling me it wasn't real," the girl whispered, "but... look!"

Clare slowly turned her head towards the slatted door, telling herself that she was just reacting to Gemma's fear. There was nothing there. She'd just opened the closet herself. And yet she could not let her lungs empty even though her heart was hammering.

Gripping the closet door from the inside was a hand. Long bony fingers, long nails that clicked against the wood.

"Oh... my... god..."

"Mummy, help!" Gemma screamed as another pair of hands reached up from underneath her bed grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her onto the floor.

"Gemma, kick!" Clare shouted, trying to get to the other side of the bed. She flung herself down and gripped her daughter around the waist. "Let go of her!" she spat out, but whatever had a hold on her daughter was strong. She was losing!

Clare stood back up and pushed against the bed but it did not move. In the mirror, she caught sight of the toy closet door which now stood completely open. Standing beside it was a hideous figure, wild hair, red eyes and a mouth that was fixed in a cruel smile.

"Uh uh uh," it said, shaking it's head.

Clare frantically tore her eyes away from it, just in time to see her daughter's feet vanishing beneath the bed. And then the figure leaped across the room, knocked her to the floor and held it's travesty of a finger to its warped mouth. "Shhh!" it said.

But Clare couldn't help it. As the... thing reached up towards her face, she screamed, knowing that no one was going to hear.

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