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In For A Pennywise
In For A Pennywise

"Have you ever seen the streets so deserted?"Alyson asked.

"Nope! Can't say I have." Frank replied, pressing his foot a bit harder on the gas pedal even though he was already driving along at a good few miles above the speed limit.

"We shouldn't be out here."

"Quit moaning, Al. You're not infected, I'm not infected... and there's no one around. Which is precisely why I can do this?" Frank balanced the beer can on his lap and pulled the tab.

"Don't you think you've had enough?" Alyson asked.

"Hell, no I do not, woman! Four cans is nothing for a guy like me."

Deciding that to say more would only egg him on, Alyson looked away from Frank and studied the street. She caught sight of a single figure in the distance, and as they drew closer she realized that there was something very odd about the person.

"Hey, Frank, with the lock-down and all wouldn't you think they'd have canceled all the circuses?"

"Sure they would. Just like they've cancelled just about everything else." Frank lifted the can to his mouth and took a long swig before holding it towards Alyson. "Want some?"

"What? No. No thanks. See the thing is, Frank, there's a clown just ahead of us. Look!"

Frank took his eyes off the road and followed her finger. "Well so there is! Looks like we're going to be in for a bit of fun."

Too late to change things, Alyson wished she'd kept her mouth shut. Frank was so bored there was no telling how much he would taunt the... clown. Had to be someone in fancy dress though. She couldn't figure out why though, for parties were banned along with everything. Clearly someone was breaking the rules as much as they were.

Frank drove slowly past the clown. The clown seemed to pay them no notice, looked lost in a world of his own as he bounced down the street, a red balloon bobbing just above his shoulder.

"What a freak!" Frank pulled over to the kerb and climbed out of the car.

"Don't, Frank. Come on, let's just go home. We can have our own party."

There was something about the figure that scared Alyson. That wild red frizzy hair seemed somehow familiar.

"Later, Hon, I promise." Frank turned to face the clown, thumping one fist into the palm of the other hand. "Hey, you! Weirdo! Don't you know you're not allowed on the streets."

The clown ignored the taunt and carried on forwards, acting as though he had not heard a thing. Alyson turned. As the clown got closer she could make out more. The costume was silver with these ridiculous red pompoms up the front. Even worse was the layers of lace around his neck, making him look like some kind of crazed Elizabethan. How he had the nerve to go out in public looking like that she really could not figure.

"Hey, freak! I'm talking to you!" Frank had turned directly to face the clown, positioning himself in the center of the sidewalk. The clown was not going to be able to get by unless he crossed over the road but was showing no sign of doing that.

Alyson could see the clown's face then. White as chalk... greasepaint, that was what it was called, she remembered. Nothing unusual for a clown, and neither was the red nose, but the red lines that traced up from the corners of the lips was far from normal. She let her eyes follow the lines up the cheeks and under the eyes, up over the eyelids, the eyebrows... And then those orange eyes met hers.

The look in those eyes sent chills down her spine. She knew this clown and it was not good news. "Frank, get in the car."

"No way, Al. I'm gonna have me a bit of fun first."

"Frank, I mean it, get in the car... This clown... it's IT!"

"Too many movies and not enough reality, that's your problem," Frank fired back.

"Honestly. Look at the face. It's Pennywise!"

But the clown had disappeared. Alyson turned her head, frantically searching for a sign of it. That it had vanished was more disturbing than its appearance in the first place.

She chewed her lip. "Frank, come on, I don't like it..."

"Jeez, Al, you're more chicken than that coward in a clown costume." With no fun on the horizon any more, Frank turned towards the car.

Alyson was never sure where it came from but suddenly there was the clown, right beside Frank. "Boo!" It said, then there was blood, pools of it running down the window as Frank's body dropped to the ground. Only his head remained staring in the window, the look of shock captured in his now dead expression.

"No!" Alyson screamed. Tried to scoot over to the driver's seat only to find the keys missing from the ignition.

"Looks like you're not going anywhere," the clown laughed, placing Frank's disembodied head onto the hood of the car. "But me, I'm just going to be on my way."

Alyson watched through tear-streaked eyes as the figure began to walk away. After a few steps the clown stopped walking, turned and gave her a big smile and a wave of the hand.

Even with the windows and doors closed she heard that voice. "Ta-ta, for now. But... I'll be seeing you around."

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