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Performing Something Radical
Performing Something Radical

Maybe if life had not become so stagnant, it would not have happened. But when your days are made up of same old, same old, and the script is like the same wrinkled page, sooner or later you are going to get sick of it. That's me, now; and to break out of the rut is going to take something rather... radical.

My great, great, great aunt was rumored to be a bit of a hell raiser. Of course she had been long dead by the time I was born, but the whispered stories lingered on. Not suitable for a child's ears, but as I got older the whispers grew louder and I heard just enough to get me digging up more.

Beryl was not only a hell raiser but a devil worshiper too. She'd break up the tedium all right. But, there was a tiny problem with my plans - she had been gone for years.

It could be done though. All it took was a bit of research into the practice of necromancy and Beryl could be up and causing some havoc. Life would at least become less boring. It's not easy to find instructions for raising the dead, but with persistence and a lot of risks I had the ritual there on my screen.

The requirements were not so hard to meet. Although I did not own a long black cloak, I did have an old blanket I could dye. That would do. The biggest problem was the setting. The incantation needed to be uttered in a 'sepulchral' place. I looked up the definition and my family, see, we've never gone in for tombs or mausoleums. All my ancestors are buried in the local graveyard with simple headstones. Except Beryl was nowhere to be found.

Am I stupid or not! How could she be? She'd have been laid to rest outside the churchyard; no hallowed ground for demon-loving Beryl!

Again it took a bit of digging, both mental and physical, but eventually I found her grave. All I had to do was wait for the next full moon and be there with my mortar and pestle and my incantation. Two more days and then...

The night was clear as I slipped from the house, draped myself in my blanket and made my way to the mound of earth I had already loosened. Once there I began my incantation, saying the words over and over until I almost gave up.

The ground moved and the air in front of me began to take shape. A woman, wispy and none to happy, wheezed. Her neck creaked as she turned towards me and then the air shook as she coughed. Beryl fell apart. All my efforts, and she went and disintegrated herself. Dismay would be the understatement for what I felt.

Back to boredom then. But maybe not. All I need to do is find some other colorful characters to breathe a bit of 'radical' into my otherwise tedious existence.

(500 words.)

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