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Following the events of The Tower, the lives of our heroes take a turn for the dark...
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Chapter Six
Beth awoke on a cold stone floor. She tried to stand, but found herself bound. Her arms were shackled together as well as her ankles. She grit her teeth as she felt herself being hoisted up. She looked up with contempt as she saw Goth smiling down at her. Beside her was Jake and to her side stood Aurora and Nastia. "Elizabeth," Goth said smugly, "I'm so glad you could join us. I got your little message. Tell me, was it worth it?"

Beth glared at Goth as she said, "I'd kill both of them again in a heartbeat you disgusting bitch. Go fuck yourself."

Goth stood from her throne and was on her in an instant. Her boot pressed into her chest with a crushing weight. "You miserable, disrespectful bitch!" Goth yelled, "You took my student and my sister!"

Beth grinned despite the weight on her chest as she said, "Hurts doesn't it? Losing someone you care about. You took my best friend and tried to take my city."

Goth removed her boot and walked away to regain her composure. She took a deep breath before saying, "Jake chose me, Elizabeth, and I haven't tried to take your city, I have. These are the first steps towards a new world where everyone serves me. I am the way, the truth, and the end of all things evil in this world. You, however, have earned the anger of a Goddess and will suffer for it. Take her to the dungeons, and Aurora, do not kill her until I give the word."

"By your word, Goddess," Aurora said with a hint of disappointment, "Come on you little bitch."

Beth jerked her arm away from the grip of Nastia and Aurora, "Don't fucking touch me!" she said with a menacing glare.

Nastia laughed and taunted her, "Ooo~ she really is like a feral cat! I can't wait to play with you."

"Go to hell," Beth spat at Nastia.

"You'll wish you were in hell soon enough," Aurora said as she picked her up.

Beth kicked and bucked against Aurora's grip, but it was useless while she was bound. She settled for yelling obscenities and promises of pain at them. All it did was earn laughs from the two women. She wouldn't let them break her, not without a fight. Eventually the trio reached the dark pit that was the dungeon. Aurora threw her against the wall before attaching her shackles to the wall. She grinned as she threw a surprise punch to Beth's stomach causing her to try to double over. "Aurora!" Nastia said, "Don't break her before I get my turn!"

Aurora flashed her friend a smile, "Relax, Goth said not to kill her," she said, "She didn't say anything about roughing her up a bit."

Nastia thought for a minute before smirking and taking her shoe off, "You make a good point," she said as she retrieved a handful of toejam, "Open up Kitty Cat!"

Beth went to insult the disgusting woman in front of her, but she found her mouth stuffed with the rancid gunk from the disgusting woman's feet. The taste made her want to vomit, but she refused to swallow. "That taste good?" Aurora asked, "Enjoy it because that's nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you!"

Beth glared at the sadist before her. She swished the gunk to one side and mixed it with her saliva before spitting at her. She smirked as the disgusting mixture smacked Aurora in the face. Nastia looked at her with wide eyes and took a step back. "That feeling good?" Beth taunted, "Enjoy that because once I get loose that'll be nothing compared to what I'll do to you."

Her smirk was wiped off of her face as Aurora cold cocked her in the jaw. She saw stars as the amazon woman's fist sent a wave of pain through her. She felt her strong hand take hold of her face and force her to look into her eyes. "You miserable, worthless, little bitch!" Aurora roared, "I am going to put you through hell before I kill you!"

Beth felt blood pool up in her mouth and once again spit into Aurora's face. "Tough talk from a big bitch," she barked, "Let me down from here and I'll show you what hell really is."

Aurora drew her fist back, but was cut off by Goth's voice, "Aurora! That is enough. You can have your fun once I'm through with her. Leave us."

Aurora turned to Goth before sneering at Beth, "This isn't over," she said.

"Not by a long shot," Beth countered as Aurora and Nastia exited, "What do you want? Come to gloat or are you hoping I'll beg? You can save your breath, I won't be giving you any satisfaction."

Goth smiled wickedly in response and said, "You think so lowly of me, Elizabeth, I'm hurt."

Beth glared at her, "Let me down and I'll really hurt you," she said.

Goth's smile widened as she said, "I don't think so, although even if you were free you couldn't do much. I just thought you'd like to see your friend one last time before Aurora has her fun with you. Come on in Jake!"

Jake had been standing outside the door to the dungeon with a sense of unease. Goth had decided to flaunt him to Beth in an attempt to break her spirit. She'd chosen a special outfit for him for this occasion, one that he'd worn a number of times when they were alone. A short skirt and a tight fitting spaghetti strap top that left little to the imagination. In all honesty he didn't mind the outfit, and it even felt nice to wear from time to time. He did, however, mind it whenever Goth used it to show her dominance over him to others. He'd worn it a couple of times in the castle halls, and the looks he'd received from everyone were hungry to say the least. The slight draft from the dungeon only added to his discomfort, and he wasn't really looking forward to Beth seeing him like this.

Beth glared at Goth, but her hard gaze faltered when Jake entered the room. His face was red and his eyes were downcast as he shyly stepped forward. If the circumstances were different she would have given him a lot of shit over the outfit, but now all she could do was stare at her feminized friend. She noted that he did somehow seem to pull the look off; an odd thought even under normal circumstances, but one that crossed her mind nonetheless. She turned her gaze back to Goth and resumed her cold stare, "You sick bitch," she said, "Why the fuck would you make him dress in that?"

Goth threw her head back and laughed, "You don't know your friend very well," she said, "That outfit is one of his favorites, isn't that right Jake?"

Jake's face turned red as he nodded and said, "I-it is Goddess."

Beth balked at him. Was he serious? She honestly couldn't tell if he was lying or not, "Jake are you serious right now?" she asked in disbelief, "You manipulative bitch! What have you done to him?!"

Beth ran her eyes over her friend as he drew closer. She hadn't noticed the copious tattoos that littered his skin. Strange symbols and pieces of Goth's bullshit scripture were covering nearly every inch of his body. She had seen a few in the recording, but she didn't realize how many there actually were until now. Goth spoke up and drew her attention again, "I haven't done anything that he didn't want me to. I simply set him free of his inhibitions and allowed him to be the person he was always meant to be."

"Bullshit," Beth said, "Nothing about what you do entails freedom. He is a hero not some toy for your amusement."

"He was born to serve," Goth retorted, "Being a hero has nothing to offer him or anyone. Just look at you, you've fought so hard only to have found yourself at my mercy."

"Fuck you, you stupid bitch!" Beth yelled, "You don't know anything and you're nothing but a fraud. You've manipulated him and lied to him, and I swear to God as soon as I get free I am going to end you!"

Goth's smile dropped as she looked deep into Beth's eyes. "Such a mouthy little thing you are," she said, "If you want to see the devotion I've earned then so be it. Lay down Jake."

Jake looked to Goth who shot him an expectant look. He swallowed nervously as he sat down before laying down on his back. He didn't know what was about to happen, but his gut told him it probably wasn't good. He really wished that Beth would have just stayed away, or at least stop antagonizing Goth. He stared up at the ceiling and waited for whatever was about to happen. The familiar scent of Goth's feet hit his nose, and he felt a bit excited at the prospect of being close to her feet. He almost forgot he was in the presence of Beth as Goth stepped forward and placed her bare foot on his face. He didn't need to be told, and he immediately began licking at her sole. The salty taste of sweat mingled with the powerful stench in a mixture that set him ablaze. He found himself lost in the moment as he lapped at her foot with unbridled eagerness.

Beth watched in disgust as her friend eagerly and greedily licked Goth's foot. She had suspected that he may have had a foot fetish for some time, but seeing it in action was...different. She didn't judge him for it by any means, but she did harbor some deep hatred for the woman who was attached to those feet. "What are you trying to prove here?" Beth asked.

Goth smirked and began to apply pressure to Jake's head. He stopped licking as the weight on his face increased, and he felt a little bit of panic well up in him. What was Goth doing? His question was answered as she spoke, "I could crush his little head like a grape beneath my foot if I wanted to. Do you know what the best part is, Elizabeth? I could simply kill him and bring him back like I did all those nights ago, and there isn't a thing you or anyone can do about it."

Jake felt his panic grow at her words. Had she done that? Did he die that night? If that were the case then how many times had this happened? He fought through the panic in an attempt to remain still beneath Goth; he didn't want to die, not here and not now. He closed his eyes as fear began to replace the panic and overtake him. He prayed to his Goddess that she would be merciful to him.

Beth watched as Goth continually applied more pressure while she spoke. She had to be bluffing. There was no way she would do that, would she? She chided herself thinking that she wouldn't kill him; she'd watched her do it once before. She tried to remain strong as she was forced to watch Goth torment him, but it quickly became too much for her. "Stop," she said softly as her eyes closed.

Goth smirked and asked, "What was that?"

Beth opened her eyes and glared at her, "I said stop."

Goth's grin grew as she continued to apply pressure, "Is that how you speak to a Goddess?" she asked, "If you want him to live then you'll ask properly."

Beth swallowed and slammed her eyes shut. She knew what she wanted, and she hated herself for what she was about to say, "Please...Goddess, please don't kill my friend."

Goth removed her weight from Jake's head and helped him up. She smirked at Beth as she turned to leave, "And you said you wouldn't beg," she taunted, "Predictable and pathetic as always Elizabeth. Enjoy your last little bit of time, I'll make sure to let Aurora teach you some respect. Farewell, Elizabeth."

Beth watched as Goth exited the room with Jake in tow. Jake spared her a parting glance full of regret before closing the door behind them. She thrashed and kicked at the wall in frustration. She cursed Goth and most everyone in this tower. She wasn't sure if she would find a way out of this, and if not then she had just spent her last moment begging Goth for something. She had given that psychotic bitch exactly what she had wanted, and it killed her inside. Her struggles died down as her mind turned to thoughts of revenge. If she could find a way out of here then she would make them really pay.

She hung against the wall waiting for whatever fate was in store for her and planning a way out. Maybe she could surprise Aurora or maybe piss her off enough to let her down, but that seemed unlikely. The woman didn't seem like the type to care about a fair fight. She heard the door open once again and prepared for the worst; if these were to be her last moments she would make them count for something. She was surprised to see a familiar face and an all too familiar scent hit her nostrils. Her eyes widened as Alexis walked into the room, "Fucking finally!" she said as she saw Beth, "How many damn cells does a girl need?"

Beth felt both relieved and surprised to see her enemy turned friend walking towards her. Alexis rushed to her and pulled out a small bobby pin from her pocket. She started trying to pick the locks on her shackles and Beth tried to speak, "Alexis I-"

"Shut up," she said as she worked.

Beth tried again, "I just-"

"I said shut up," she said as she fiddled with the tumblers.

Beth glared down at her. She was trying to thank the girl for coming to help, but was getting frustrated at being cut off. "Would you just-"

"Oh my God," Alexis said as she met her gaze, "Do you honestly not understand the term shut up? I am trying to free you, you can flirt with me or whatever once you're down."

Beth's eyes went wide at her last comment. She felt her face flush a bit, weird considering she hadn't shared anything between the girl that she could remember at least. "That's not-" she started as she felt herself get flustered, "I mean-ugh just get me down already."

"I am working on it if you would shut up for a minute," Alexis said as she frantically worked the locks. After a few tense moments she finished and Beth dropped to the ground. She crossed her arms and smiled triumphantly, "Now you can talk or try to kiss me, again, or whatever you wanted to do."

Beth rolled her wrists about to loosen the tension that had built up in them. "Again?" she suddenly asked as Alexis' statement registered, "What the hell do you mean again?! I never tried to kiss you!"

Alexis shrugged as she said, "I guess technically you didn't try, you did, but hey don't take rejection so hard. You'll find a girl out there who digs the whole tough girl thing eventually."

Beth stared at her as her face began to burn. God she wished she could remember the other night. She couldn't tell if Alexis was lying or not and that only added to her ire. "Oh my God," she said, "Would you shut up about me dating a woman?! I. Am. Straight!"

"Keep telling yourself that," Alexis said with a smug look, "Oh and while you're at it, keep yelling because I totally came here to get captured to."

Beth closed her mouth and glared at the girl. She was still a pain, but she had saved her all the same. She sighed and said, "Valid point, for once, thank you for coming."

Alexis grinned, "Couldn't just let you die here," she said, "I tried, man did I try, but I guess you've grown on me a little bit. Now come on, we have to get out of here."

Beth shook her head at her, "I can't leave," she admitted, "Jake is alive and I can't just leave him here...what do you mean you tried?"

Alexis pressed her palm to her face in exasperation, "I mean I tried to abandon you and couldn't," she said, "You really are dense sometimes, you know that? How do you know it was Jake and not that Jason kid Goth totes around?"

Beth took a deep breath to suppress the anger that was building in her; Alexis had the nerve to call her dense? The girl who spent the better part of a decade stalking her best friend was calling her dense. The same girl who couldn't take a hint or no for an answer. She exhaled and decided to let the feelings go, she did just save her life after all. She looked back to her and said, "I know it was him," she said, "I fought him and Goth brought him down here to flaunt her victory over me. I'd know that face anywhere, even if he was in a skirt."

Alexis' eyes went wide, "He was in a skirt?!" she asked and when Beth nodded she snapped her fingers, "Damn I wish I could've seen that. I bet he looked adorable."

"Moving on," Beth said as she chose to ignore the previous statement, "I've got to get him out of here. You can go, I don't want you getting hurt. You've done enough by rescuing me."

Their conversation was halted as the door began to creak open. Alexis looked to Beth and whisper yelled, "Hide you idiot!"

Beth looked from the door for a moment before instinct kicked in. She leapt into the air and grabbed hold of a beam to pull herself into the shadows. Alexis mouthed the word go to her. Beth watched Aurora returned to the dungeon with a look of joy on her face, "Alright you little bitch," she said before pausing at the sight of Alexis, "What are you doing here and where is that little worm?"

Alexis grinned at Aurora, "I remember you!" she said, "You're that sunny little bitch that came with Pammy! Well maybe not little, but you're still a bitch. Didn't anyone tell you it's not nice to chain up animals?"

Aurora growled as she stepped forward menacingly, "Where is she and what have you done? I won't ask again."

Alexis laughed as she said, "Didn't I already tell your dumbass? Footgirl only answers to Footgirl. I did what I always do, whatever the hell I want."

Aurora continued forward and Alexis dropped to a crouch, "If you won't tell me then I'll beat it out of you," she said, "I was already planning on killing someone anyways."

She lunged for her, but Alexis was too quick for her. She jumped out of the way and fired a kick to the back of her head. It didn't seem to phase Aurora, though, and she rose to her feet to throw a punch. It was a wild swing that Alexis easily dodged with a back handspring; she timed it perfectly and her foot connected with Aurora's jaw. It staggered the brutal behemoth and she was quick to capitalize on the opening with a rapid and furious combination attack. She launched into a precise and devastating series of punches to Aurora's midsection that caused her to recoil slightly, but all the attacks seemed to do was infuriate her. She finished her attack with a fierce uppercut that knocked the larger woman back a few steps.

"Ha and here I thought you all were supposed to be tough!" Alexis taunted, "You're all bark and no bite!"

Aurora growled as her eyes began to glow, "You worthless, insignificant little bitch!" she roared, "You're going to regret picking a fight with me more than helping that little worm escape!"

Objects scattered about the room sprung to life as they were lifted off the ground by Aurora's telekinesis. She snarled as she began hurling various items at Alexis. She dodged several objects and even managed to kick off one of the barrels that was flung at her, but for all her agility she still fell short. Her overconfidence proved to be her downfall; as she rocketed towards Aurora she found her throat in a vice like grip. Aurora slammed the poor girl to the ground with her hand wrapped tightly around her throat. She refused to release her and brought her back up with her before throwing her against the wall. Alexis gagged as she slumped down to the ground. She grabbed her throat and let out a hoarse laugh that grew into a fit of mad laughter. "You really are a fucking idiot," Alexis said without rising to her feet.

Aurora glared down at her, "What is so damn funny?!" she demanded.

Alexis' laughter continued to grow until she was silenced by Aurora's boot on her throat, but her smile never faded. "You...wasted...so much time…fighting me," she choked out, "You let Beth get away...you are...beyond stupid."

Aurora's eyes went wide and she removed her boot, but replaced it with her hand. She hauled her to the wall where Beth had been chained. She threw her into the wall and began shackling her hands to the wall and cursing, "You worthless little bitch, you were just a distraction! If I had time I'd cut that wretched little tongue of yours out, but lucky for you I have to inform Goth of this new development. Don't you worry, though, I'll be back to play with you."

Alexis grinned as Aurora walked away, "Oh I can't wait," she said, "Don't forget to let Goth know how incompetent you are! Better yet, leave that part out so I can tell her!"

The door slammed shut as Aurora left the room, and Beth took this opportunity to drop down. She needed to get Alexis out of here and fast. She rushed over to her and asked, "Are you alright?"

Alexis rolled her eyes, "Yeah I'm great I love getting my ass kicked," she said as Beth began fiddling with the locks, "Stop. You have got to get out of here."

Beth pulled back and looked at her with confusion, "What? No way I'm not leaving you here," she said.

Alexis shook her head and said, "I didn't come all this way to save your heroic ass just to have you get captured again. Let go of the hero bullshit for a minute, and focus on yourself for once. You need to get out of here and regroup; you're not going to do much without any of your toys anyways. Find your shit and save Jake, but forget about me."

Beth looked at her in shock. Alexis, the Footgirl who had terrorized Metropolis for years, was actually trying to sacrifice herself for her. What was happening? She shook her head again and tried to argue, "Alexis, they will kill you or worse. I have to get you out of here, maybe you can-"

"Beth, stop!" Alexis yelled before lowering her voice, "Maybe you rubbed off on me or maybe I've fully lost it, but I can't let you put yourself in danger for me. This is my choice, now let me have it. Go, save Jake and just for the record we wouldn't have worked out anyways."

Beth fought back a tear that threatened to spill out, but let a sad smile grace her lips. "Shut up you asshole," she said, "You noble pervert."

Alexis grinned as she said, "That's me, but you left out crazy; I've got to be if I'm willing to throw my life away for yours, but that's what's happening. Now get out of here before they come back!"

Beth closed her eyes and swallowed the overwhelming urge to help as she turned to leave. She hadn't expected a real friendship to have developed between her and Alexis, and it hurt to leave her behind. It felt like Jake all over again the night he gave himself to Goth in the tower. She hated herself for doing it, but she would honor Footgirl's final request. She would find a way to save Jake even if she died trying.

As the door shut and sealed Alexis' fate she was left to hang on the wall with her thoughts. She began thinking out loud, "I really am batshit, giving myself up to save someone who's arrested me more times than I can count. Oh well, at least I can have some fun in my last bit of time! This reminds me of the time I spent with Katlyn last year, but something tells me this won't be quite as pleasant. What I wouldn't give to see Jake one last time before that big bitch gets her hands on."

The door swung open and Goth strode into the room, "I suppose I can grant you one final request," she said, "After all I am not without mercy. Before I grant you this wish, tell me Alexis why did you choose to help Elizabeth?"

Alexis smiled as her tormentor approached, "Why do I do anything I do?" she asked, "Because I feel like it or maybe it's because I don't like you. Anybody who stands between Jake and I is automatically on my shit list."

"You should have joined me when you had the chance," Goth said, "Now, you're going to suffer and for what? All you've done is buy Elizabeth a little more time before her inevitable demise, but since you're so adamant to see my beloved let's call him in shall we? Jake, come on in!"

Jake had been with Goth when Aurora burst into the room. The two had been preparing for some much needed intimacy before the interruption. He couldn't believe that Footgirl of all people had not only managed to infiltrate the castle, but that she had also freed Beth. He had hoped to change into his suit before Goth brought him back down here, but she insisted there wasn't any time. In hindsight it was a stupid thought that she would let him; he had almost failed to capture Beth before, and there was no way she would chance it again. Goth wanted to make an example of Footgirl and he was going to be the tool that did it. It didn't make him happy by any means, and he really wasn't looking forward to her seeing him in his current getup. He swallowed his pride and entered the cell for the second time tonight.

Alexis' eyes widened and quickly turned to a lustful stare as he entered the room. He already didn't enjoy being an object for Goth to show off, but being a spectacle for the girl who'd spent the better part of a decade stalking him made the situation worse. He blushed as she whistled and said, "Oh. My. God! I can't believe I'm getting to see you like this! That color really brings out your eyes!"

He squirmed in his spot at her words. Of all the people who could have seen him like this it had to be her. He thought Beth was bad, but that was nothing compared to this. He remained silent and found a spot on the floor suddenly fascinating. His embarrassment was heightened further when Goth said, "It does, doesn't it? Would you believe he picked it out himself?"

Why the hell was she agreeing with someone she was going to kill?! The last thing he wanted was for anyone to know that he had picked out the outfit months ago. He stifled a groan that threatened to spill out at Goth's words. "I can see that actually, he always did strike me as a little effeminate," Alexis replied. Why was this a conversation that was happening? He couldn't say, but he desperately wished it would stop, "Don't be embarrassed, Jake, it looks good on you. It's just a shame that it took such an ugly bitch to bring out this side of you."

Jake winced at Footgirl's comment; despite their past he didn't want to see what Goth would do if pushed too far. She was on her in an instant and had her face in her hand. "I will not tolerate such disrespect from the likes of you," Goth said before releasing her, "Clearly a woman like you doesn't recognize taste when she sees it, but Jake certainly does."

Alexis watched as Goth sauntered over to Jake and said, "Oh I know taste, and I know a bad taste all too well. My feet may stink, but at least the rest of me smells decent. You fucking reek! Having you that close really makes me feel bad for my Jake."

Goth pulled Jake close and he didn't resist. In spite of everything he did genuinely enjoy being close to his Goddess. He was a little nervous as to what was about to happen, though, and he wondered just what Goth was planning. "I think you need to see just how much he enjoys me," she said before pulling him into a passionate kiss.

His mind was torn in this moment. He had gotten used to Goth's breath some time ago, but he wasn't sure about being used in such a manner. Goth had used him to flaunt or demonstrate her power before, but it usually entailed showing him off not making out with him. He tried to block out the fact that he was being scrutinized by Footgirl and enjoy the makeout session. His attempt was made more difficult when Footgirl called out, "You're doing it wrong! If you really want to get a reaction out of him, you need to play with his left ear while you're doing that. Not the right, it's not as sensitive as the left."

Goth growled in the process of their little session, and he felt himself becoming weak. He loved the aggressive side of her, but this situation was far from ideal. He really wished Alexis would stop, but he really wished she wasn't right. He felt Goth bite his bottom lip before breaking the kiss to glare at Alexis, "Do not tell me what he likes and doesn't like!" she ordered.

Alexis shrugged as best she could in the chains and said, "Hey I'm just offering some pointers. If he's stuck with you, you might as well know how to please him; for the record, if you're going to bite him make sure to get his neck. He really likes that."

Jake was mortified at what was happening. Somehow this had gone from taunting, to a conversation about his dress, then to an exhibitionist session, and now his girlfriend was getting pointers from his stalker. "I am well aware of what he likes and doesn't like!" Goth barked and pulled him back in to her embrace.

Her hand found its way to his left ear and began gently playing with the lobe. He craned his neck at the touch and released a small moan inadvertently. The hand gradually left his ear and began to lower itself to his waist. Goth snaked the hand up his skirt and gave his ass a squeeze that earned a jump and a yelp from him. She giggled at his reaction, but growled when Alexis began speaking again. "Wrong!" she yelled, "You're being too gentle with his ass. He might say otherwise, but he loves it rough."

How the hell did she even know that?! Furthermore, why was she telling Goth this? The only time he'd indulged that side of himself was on the occasional night off two towns over! His face was burning as embarrassment overtook everything other sensation that ran through him. Goth broke the kiss once more and spun on her heels to face Alexis. "I will not tell you again," she threatened, "Do not tell me what he enjoys! I know all too well that he likes it rough, but I am trying to show him some courtesy because I know this isn't where he wants to be. The last place he wants to have sex is in the presence of such a pathetically disheveled has-been who can't handle rejection!"

Alexis scoffed as she said, "Yeah says the girl who literally forced him to submit to her and is making him into an exhibitionist. I know I'm crazy, but you don't even realize you're delusional! I tell you what, though, I'm a nice person; why don't you unchain me and I'll show you how to properly fuck your boyfriend. You could certainly stand to learn a few things."

Jake's jaw hung open at that. At first he was a little touched that Goth was actually showing restraint, but that turned to mortification at Alexis' words. This wasn't going to go over well, and he was trapped here until Goth said otherwise. He took a step back as Goth huffed and stepped towards Alexis. "You think you can please him better than I?" she asked.

Alexis laughed as she replied, "Oh I don't think I know. Let me down from here and I'll prove it to you."

That was the last straw before Goth snapped. She lunged for the restrained girl and delivered a vicious punch to her jaw. "You will regret those words," she said as she began delivering several more blows.

Alexis took several hits to the face and to the gut, but her crazed smile never faltered. Goth relented for a moment and she turned to face her, "Is that all you've got?" Alexis asked, "I've been beaten harder by Jake and Beth, but here's a tip for you. Don't leave yourself open!"

She threw her legs up and wrapped them around Goth's neck with a wicked grin. Blood ran down her lip as she began to squeeze her legs together in an attempt to choke Goth out. The attack came as a surprise, but Goth was quick to recover. She placed a hand on her and ripped it from her throat; instead of releasing Alexis' leg she used her other hand to bend it at an unnatural angle. A sickening snap echoed off the cell walls followed by a cry of agony from Alexis; Jake felt his stomach turn both at the sight and the memory the sound stirred within him. "You insolent little slut!" Goth roared, "I am going to make you suffer before I finally kill you, and when I'm through I'll bring you back just to have Aurora show you what true terror is!"

Alexis' mouth twitched as the pain raced through her body. It was nearly overwhelming, but she still managed a wry grin followed by a final taunt, "Kinky, is this what gets you off? How many times have you done this to Jake?"

"Silence!" Goth screamed as her eyes began to glow, "I will show you why I am a Goddess and you are nothing but a lowly cur!"

Alexis tried to speak, but Goth's powers prevented her from opening her mouth. She could do nothing to stop the blows that began raining down on her. Strong fists of iron collided with her jaw and chest, and at one point she felt as though her ribs were about to crack. One of the punches knocked her head back into the brick wall behind her, and she felt more disoriented than usual as a concussion began to take root. The strikes were merciless and seemingly unending as Goth poured her untempered rage out onto the poor girl. She stopped for a moment only to reach up and take hold of Alexis' hand and begin crushing the bones in them. A series of painful cracks flooded her ears followed shortly by an insurmountable amount of pain. Tears began to well up in her eyes on their own as the pain continued to grow.

Jake watched the display with a sense of dreadful terror. He knew this would be how it ended as soon as Alexis opened her mouth. He had hoped to avoid the sight and let Aurora be the one to deal with her, but he knew Alexis wouldn't be able to keep her mouth shut. As he watched the brutality before him, his mind flashed back to his night in this very cell. He began to hyperventilate as the sight before him warped into his own twisted image of himself in Alexis' position. He tried to maintain a grip on reality, but seeing this was reopening the wounds that had only just begun to heal. His perception was beginning to bleed into the past, and try as he might he couldn't stave off the memory.

He closed his eyes in a vain attempt to stop the flashback and to block out the image in front of him. He knew better than most the extent of Goth's cruelty and rage, and whatever Alexis had done in the past she didn't deserve this. Time seemed to stand still for him as the beating went on, and he almost wondered if Dilatrix was nearby. In reality it had only been a few minutes of brutality, but it felt like an eternity for him. Crippling and debilitating fear crawled around in him as he heard the sounds of ragged breathing hit his ears. He opened his eyes to see Goth with a hand outstretched and Alexis hovering off the wall. She was choking her as a final demonstration of her power.

Alexis fought to keep her manic grin on her face as she was lifted into the air by an unseen force. The feeling of her windpipe being crushed made the task difficult, but she wasn't one to back down from a challenge. The sounds of the chains that bound her rattling as she was moved up the wall were the only accompaniment to her garbled breathing. Her circulation was being stolen away and her face began turning an ugly shade of purple. Her eyes widened and looked as though they were about to pop out as the world around her began to fade to black. At the precipice of unconsciousness she was released and color began to reform in her vision. She gagged and greedily sucked in air as she was released from the unholy grip of a mad woman's powers. She went slack in her binds as Goth approached, "Any last words?" she asked coldly.

Alexis stole a glance at Jake and coughed before weakly saying, "You would have been so much happier serving me."

Goth snarled as she took her head in her hands and gave a sharp twist. A disgusting and terrifying snap rang out, and Jake felt his stomach begin to upheave as he looked forward. Goth had snapped the neck of his former nemesis without batting an eye, and he was reminded of why it was unwise to cross such a powerful woman. He watched as she stepped back, and to his horror she began working an unfamiliar magic. Her eyes became illuminated as an eery glow began radiating from her palms and filling the room. In a sickening moment of terror, he watched the lifeless body of Alexis begin to reform before him. Her leg snapped back into place and her neck spun back around, and all he could think was if he had been the subject of such gruesome magics in the past. Had Goth truly killed him that night? A new form of terror washed over him as the question began to seemingly repeat in his mind.

Goth stepped back from Alexis' body panting. This sort of magic was incredibly difficult even for her. Performing it on a body that was recently deceased was no small feet, and one that had been dead some time would be nearly impossible. It took its toll on her, but she was a woman of her word and intended to make good on her promise. Alexis gasped as she came to and looked around, "Holy fuck!" she exclaimed, "What the actual fuck just happened?!"

Goth smirked down at her and said, "I killed your worthless self and brought you back. I told you what I would do, and I'd hate to rob my friend of her fun. Considering you are the reason Elizabeth has escaped it is only fair to let her have you as a consolation prize. Come, Jake, let us leave this sorry excuse for a woman. We have some business to discuss, but don't you worry Alexis you won't be kept waiting long."

Goth walked past him and took hold of his leash to lead him out. He spared a final parting look at Alexis in an attempt to convey his regret at her situation. She blew him a kiss as best she could given her binds as they exited the room. She was left alone once more in the dungeon cell awaiting her next tormentor. It was an odd feeling, dying and coming back, but not entirely unpleasant. If it weren't for the fact that her next visitor was going to be far worse, she may have been willing to make this a regular occurrence. She hoped Beth was faring better than her at this moment.

Beth was in the process of navigating the distorted labyrinth that was the castle. She tried retracing her steps, but damned if the place wasn't a maze. She had barely avoided Goth and Jake as they descended the stairs to the dungeon, but since then she had hit several dead ends. She was beginning to get frustrated and not for the first time she wondered why anyone would want to live in such a place. She wished she still had her coat as a cold breeze seemed to be commonplace in this abomination Goth called a home. She needed to find her gear if she were to stand even a slight chance at ending this and saving Jake; she rounded another corner, but swore as she came to another dead end. "Who the fuck designed this place?!" she yelled to no one in particular.

A cold and calculated voice gave an answer she hadn't been expecting, "the Dark Matron designed this place so that any who are unwelcome or unwarranted may be contained within the walls. I believe you fall into the category, Elizabeth."

Beth spun around and took a fighting stance. She had hoped to avoid detection, but if she had to fight she would. The woman before her gave her some pause, though. She stood fairly tall in what looked to be a strange dress or maybe a robe of sorts with a large collar that came up. She wore what appeared to nothing but black and her eyes held a strange sense of mystery in them. Beth tried to get a read on the woman to prepare for an attack, but found it nearly impossible. Something felt incredibly strange in this moment and she couldn't quite place it. The woman before her made no move to attack or defend, but instead simply stood there with curious eyes. "Who are you?" Beth finally asked after a moment of tension.

The woman's lips turned into the faintest of smiles as she said, "I am Dilatrix and I serve the Matron of this castle as a simple advisor."

Beth glared and prepared to attack, but still the woman didn't move. What was she waiting for? "If you're here to stand in my way I will bring you down," Beth said, "Stand aside or don't, it's your choice. I will not be stopped here, not now."

"Such an impressive spirit you have," Dilatrix commented, "Do not worry, my dear Elizabeth, I have not come to stand in your way. I merely came because it is written that I stand before you now, just as it is written that your journey is far from over. I have seen across all timelines and I find this one to be most...intriguing. For me to see this one progress properly I must stand before you for a time. If not then you will fail and I can't have that, not yet anyways."

What the hell was this woman talking about? Timelines? Written? This wasn't some story, this was her life and her friend's that hung in the balance! Still, from the sounds of it she wasn't a threat to her mission. She didn't appear to be willing to move, though, so she decided to question her. "Alright, start talking," she said, "What do you mean timelines and progression? Who-what are you?"

Dilatrix continued to smile as she said, "That is the right question, and one that requires some time. Fortunately for you, time is something I have in abundance."

Jake stood close to Goth as she spoke with Aurora, "Deal with Alexis quickly, have your fun, but do not take too long. I want to ensure that I have you ready for when I find Elizabeth."

Aurora gave a half hearted grin as she replied, "As you wish, am I still going to get my turn with that feral little worm?"

"As soon as we find her she is all yours," she said before turning to Jake, "I want you to stay with Aurora until we find Elizabeth. I know her and I know despite my words she will find herself enjoying her new toy too much, and I need you around in case Elizabeth tries to rescue Alexis."

Jake paled at the prospect of being left alone with Aurora. This night had been full of surprises and none of them good, but this may have been the worst one yet. He looked to Aurora who was sporting a maniacal grin as she made eye contact with him. He shuddered at what her eyes screamed at him; the promised an interesting night for her and a miserable one for him. He turned to Goth to try to plead with her, "Please, Goth, don't leave me with her. I can scour the castle for Beth and apprehend her, and Aurora can take as much time as she wants with Alexis."

Goth placed a hand on his face in a reassuring manner and said, "Do not worry, my Raven, Aurora will not lay a hand on you or she will deal with me. Isn't that right, Aurora?"

Aurora clasped a hand on his shoulder and happily said, "That's right pretty boy, you've got nothing to worry about."

Goth gave her friend a smile before leaning down to kiss him. It was a quick kiss and it did little to ease his mind. She turned to leave and called back, "Make it quick and when you finish split up, and do not harm my beloved!"

Aurora pulled him close and called back, "It will be done, Goddess," before leaning down and whispering in his ear, "You and I are going to have a little fun once I'm done with Footgirl. Let's get a move on and if you try to run I will make it unfathomably worse for you."

Jake was led down the hall and back to the dungeon. His heart sank along with his hopes as reality began to sink in. He was trapped with Aurora until she was done or until Goth found Beth. He hated himself for it, but he found himself hoping that Beth would be captured soon. The thoughts of what Aurora was planning sent his terror to new heights.

Beth had been listening to Dilatrix speak for a short while, and with each new thing she said she became more and more confused. Apparently the woman was some kind of time with or sorceress as she called herself, and held little interest in Goth's conquest. From what she was saying it sounded like she was only here because she was allowed to operate freely. Her head spun with the concept of infinite timelines and parallels. She had heard the theory before, but according to Dilatrix not only was it a reality but she could access them all. She still didn't understand what this woman's game was, but she hadn't made a move to apprehend her yet. She couldn't shake the strange feeling that something was still off, but she couldn't tell what. She felt fine and this didn't seem like an ambush, but her gut told her something was wrong.

"So as you can see I mean you no harm," Dilatrix finished.

Beth shook her head and asked, "I still don't understand what you're wanting from me? Why are you even bothering to tell me all of this?"

Dilatrix maintained the same small smile and the same even tone as she spoke, "It is as I have already said, it is written that I stand before you for this path to progress as it should. What I want and why I am informing you are intertwined; I wish to see this play out for myself, and this is knowledge that will benefit you much later in your journey. I am neither your enemy or your ally for the time being, but rather a mere observer of the present. You intrigue me, Elizabeth, and I find the fire inside of you fascinating. I am not the only one you have captivated with this new side of you, but that is something you will come to know in time and someone you have already met."

"I confess that I advised against sending you that recording all those moons ago, but that was merely for the benefit of the Goddess. The aftermath of it holds no bearing over me, but has everything to do with her and yourself. This is a long and dark road you have chosen to undertake, and you will suffer for it. Your suffering will not be in vain so long as you hold tight to yourself and maintain that fire inside of you. It is when you lose the will to continue that your fate is sealed and the paths divulge, and that is something not even I can control."

Beth didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about, but yet again it seemed like she was almost rooting for her. It was strange to actually have someone in Goth's court seemingly on her side, but she wasn't going to complain. She had several questions, but only one that really mattered and she needed to ask. "If you're not here to stop me then can you tell me where Jake is?"

For the first time Dilatrix's smile faded as she said, "I'm afraid your friend is in danger, and if you do not hurry you will be too late to save him."

Beth's eyes widened at her statement. Had this been a ploy to stall her? No, if it were then she wouldn't be telling her he was in danger. "Where is he?!" she demanded.

"He is trapped with Aurora while Goth has her people looking for you," Dilatrix said and gave a wave of her hand before continuing, "I've broken the seal around you that keeps you from navigating the halls of the keep. You must hurry if you are to save him; Aurora's room is upstairs, now go."

Beth nodded and took off in a sprint. She called back as she passed, "Thank you Dilatrix! I won't forget this!"

Dilatrix watched as the young woman sprinted down the hall. She began making her way to the throne room and as she walked she mused, "Time will tell if this truly is the right path, but the show will be delightful all the same. Run, little kitten, and let nothing stand in your way."

Jake was petrified as he was forcibly shoved to the floor of Aurora's room. He had just watched her torture Alexis in a manner that finally broke the crazy girl. So many broken bones and methods of torment that even in his worst nightmares he hadn't imagined. The sight of her mangled and lifeless corpse staring forward with the eyes of a broken spirit would be one that would haunt him for years to come. As awful as it was to watch such a horrific display, he was more afraid of what was to come. Aurora stepped into her room and slammed the door shut behind her. Jake swallowed as he looked around the room; chains with hooks hung from the ceiling beams and the only light was that of candles and the tinted moonlight coming through a blood red stained glass window. He shuffled backwards and tried to reason with the psychotic sadist, "I-if you lay a hand on me Goth won't be happy!"

Aurora threw her head back and laughed at his words. Jake continued to scoot back, but stopped as he hit something warm and solid. He turned back and a new form of panic crushed his spirit as his eyes landed on Dart. She was looking malnourished and her eyes held so little light and life that it was both terrifying and heartbreaking. He noted that her mouth was coated in what looked to be dried blood and her chest rose and fell with labored breathing. Aurora's voice broke through and amplified his terror, "I see you found my little foot cleaner. I guess I really should thank you, after all if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been able to really break her in. This gives me an idea, come here you pathetic little shit."

Jake tried to stand and run, but Aurora caught him with ease. His nerves were shot and everything in his mind screamed feelings of terror and regret. Seeing his old friend in such a defeated state was heartbreaking and it was because he had brought her back here, but the remorse was outweighed by the fear of what was to come. He was dragged across the floor and thrown into a strange chair that proceeded to lock him in place. Thick leather straps moved on their own and locked themselves around his torso, wrists, and ankles preventing him from escaping. He thrashed about in an attempt to break free, but to his horror he could escape and he soon found his head bound in place as well. He could only look on in terror as Aurora paced around him.

Beth rushed through the castle halls no longer caring about subtly or stealth. She had to get to Jake before that crazed bitch did anything to him. A few random men and women attempted to apprehend her at one point, but she was a woman on a mission and wouldn't be stopped. She didn't have her equipment with her, but that didn't stop her from putting them down. They weren't expecting her and that worked to her advantage as she brutally subdued them with her bare hands. A few broken bones and concussions later she found the stairs and moved with renewed purpose. She wouldn't fail her friend, not again.

Jake tried to find some semblance of calm in the midst of the overwhelming panic that was consuming him. He was bound and at the mercy of Aurora until Goth decided to come find him. He tried once again to ward off his oncoming fate by saying, "Don't you dare touch me! I belong to the Goddess and am not meant to be handled by you!"

Aurora scoffed as she continued to circle him, "God you are a mouthy little shit, you know that? she said, "Goth might be a little mad at first, but I think when I'm done with you she'll be much happier. Did you ever wonder why your little friend over there stopped talking? It's because when you brought her back she wouldn't shut up, so I decided to have a little fun. Turns out you can take someone's voice with your foot if you really get in there, and that's what I'm going to do to you! Goth is going to love having a little pet that can't talk back!"

Jake's struggles began anew at her words. She was going to take his voice! He had a foot fetish, sure, but this was going too far. He had to find a way out of this before she could get to work. Try as he might, he couldn't find a way to break the restraints around him. Aurora removed her boot and pulled a lever on the chair that leaned it back. He found himself staring up at the ceiling and her delighted and insane face. His teeth began to chatter as he the reality that he wasn't getting out of this sank in. "Please! Don't do this!" he practically screamed.

"This is happening, bird bitch, and there is nothing you can do to stop it," she said as she began to raise her foot.

The sound of the door being flung open caught both of their attention. Aurora looked up expecting to see Goth, but tilted her head as her eyes fell on Beth. "Get. The fuck. Away from him," she said as she slammed the door shut and walked into the room.

Aurora lowered her foot and laughed, "You really are stupid," she taunted, "Of all the places to run, you come to my room. You must be ready to die."

Beth continued forward and her fists shook with rage with each step. "I said get away from him," she repeated, "I'm the one you want, and here I am."

Aurora smiled wickedly as she pulled the lever on the chair again and Jake was returned to a sitting position. He looked between the two and tried to reason with Beth, "Beth, get out of here! She will kill you."

Aurora turned to him before turning back to Beth and saying, "You should listen to your friend, I guess he does have some sense after all. It's too late to run, though, I'm going to end you and make this little bird watch."

Beth stopped just short of Aurora before saying, "That's what you think? I told you if I got loose I'd show you hell, and I intend to keep that promise. I'm going to repay you every bit of suffering you've ever caused before this night is over."

Aurora laughed and said, "Tough talk from a weak little bitch. Go ahead and try, it's been too long since I've had a plaything with some fight."

That was all Beth needed to hear as she rushed forward and swung at the amazon tormentor. Aurora didn't even try to dodge, she simply stood there and took the punch. The impact was more severe than she was expecting and she took a step back to stable herself. She rubbed her jaw and smiled before throwing a punch of her own, but Beth was too fast for her. She ducked under the swing and went in for a low side kick to Aurora's knee. The kick connected, but it didn't do much aside from anger the behemoth. Aurora roared as she brought both fists down onto Beth and sent her to the floor. Beth hit the ground hard and felt the wind get knocked out of her, but she was quick to recover. As Aurora went for a punishing stomp she rolled out of the way.

Beth was on her feet and on the move before Aurora could follow-up with another attack. She grit her teeth and fought through the pain from the blow. She was strong that much was certain, but her form needed a lot of work. Beth just needed to find some kind of opening to capitalize on to get the upper hand. She heard the sound of something moving towards her at a rapid rate, and she turned to see a crate of something rocketing towards her. She didn't waste a second and jumped into the air; her boot hit the crate and she kicked off in an attempt to close the gap. She had seen what happened to Alexis when she tried this move, so she prepared for the oncoming grab. Her prediction was correct, and when Aurora stretched her arm out she twisted her body to counter. She wrapped herself around the massive arm of the sadistic woman and began applying as much pressure as she could with a full body armbar. She pulled down with her arms and used her legs to push up in an attempt to snap Aurora's arm, but she found an iron grip in her hair and fling her across the room. She was flung into the stained glass window that rested on the opposite end of the room, and upon impact it shattered. Crimson glass rained down around her and some pieces dug into her back. She refused to show any pain or weakness in front of Aurora, and the glass littering the floor gave her an idea.

She grabbed a couple of larger shards and prepared for her next move. The pain in her back was excruciating, but she blocked it out and let it fuel her ever-growing anger. "Is that all you've got you overgrown cunt?!" she called out.

Aurora snarled and growled, "You are one mouthy little bitch, I am going to cut that fucking tongue of your out before I kill you!"

Beth was trying to anger her in an attempt to make her more predictable; usually, when an opponent got angry their movements became easier to counter. She hoped this would be the case here, but even if it wasn't she wasn't going to let up. This bitch was going to pay for what she'd done. Aurora was charging her and Beth prepared for her counter. As she charged she brought her boot up to try to mow her down, but Beth easily evaded the attack and moved in for her own. She drove one of the shards of glass into her calf with as much force as she could muster, and when she pulled away the majority of it was embedded into her leg. Aurora cried out as the sudden shock of pain hit her. "Enjoy that feeling," Beth said as she jumped back out of reach, "We're just getting started!"

Aurora growled as her eyes began to glow, "I am going to kill you just like I did your little foot friend, but her death will look like a mercy by the time I'm done with you!"

Multiple shards of glass rose from the ground and began hurtling towards Beth. Her eyes went wide as she realized the predicament she was in; she used her newfound speed to her advantage and took off in a wild spring, but the shards continued to seek her out. She darted about the room in an attempt to lose them, but nothing seemed to work until she rounded a support beam that some of them stuck into. She continued to run and looked up to see several beams up above. She made a desperate and impulse decision to take higher ground, and she jumped as high as she could to avoid the incoming assault. She managed to grab onto one of the beams, but one of the shards sliced through her pants and cut her as she pulled herself up. The wound wasn't too deep, but it definitely hurt. She continued to move around the room even as she heard the shards begin to embed or shatter on the beams.

She noticed some chains wrapped around a few beams and she got another idea. She stopped by one of them and carefully began unraveling it. "Where are you, you little worm?" Aurora demanded as she paced about the floor.

Beth managed to get one of the loose enough that she could use it and took hold it and waited. She watched as Aurora came close before tightening her grip and dropping down in a swinging motion with her feet outstretched. "Here I am you fucking bitch!" she cried out as her boots connected with her chest and knocked her back a few steps.

Aurora grunted at the impact and looked down at her chest. That had actually hurt, and she felt a new surge of anger as she turned back to face Beth. To her surprise she caught sight of a single shard of glass flying towards her, but before she could act it hit its mark. She screamed as the shard dug itself into her eye. Her vision had been cut in half and her head was pounding from the pain and the rage she felt. She was going to make this little worm suffer for this. "I am going to break your legs and make you watch as I turn your friend into a fucking mute before I have my fun with you!" she cried out, "I am going to invent new and painful ways to torture you, and when your sorry ass is finally dead I'll have Dilatrix bring you back so I can kill you again!"

Beth snarled as she rushed forward. She held the hook that was attached to the chain in her hand, and she leapt into a front flip over Aurora. She yelled as she drove the hook into her shoulder, "You're not going to touch him!"

Aurora gave another cry of pain as the edge of the hook was driven into her shoulder, and turned to attack Beth. She was already out of reach and back to darting around the room. She drug the chain with her and began wrapping it around various beams as she serpentined out of Aurora's reach. Eventually the chain was pulled taunt, and she immediately began wrapping it around one of the beams. She wouldn't have long before Aurora found some way out, so she needed to act fast. She looked around and noticed that Aurora stood under another chained hook; she needed to use that to her advantage if she was going to finish this fight. She hatched a plan and set about putting it into action.

Aurora was having a difficult time focusing. Between the searing pain she felt in her head, the damned hook in her shoulder, and not being able to see out of one eye this fight was becoming a literal pain. She tried to focus on what the little bitch was doing, but she couldn't pinpoint where she was. She heard the heavy footfalls and caught sight of her as she prepared for another leap, but she held out her hand and used her powers to catch her. She held her in place and brought her close to her face before saying, "Game over, you worthless little bitch!"

Beth could feel her windpipe being squeezed, but she grinned and pushed through the magic hold on her body. She managed to regain control of her arm and reached out to grab the glass in Aurora's eye. She'd learned from her fight with Pamela that the best way to deal with magic was to break concentration, and what better way than a little bit of agony? She gave the shard a sharp jerk and as Aurora screamed she felt herself beginning to drop, but she reached out with both hands and grabbed hold of her head. She brought herself down hard and used her head to crack Aurora's jaw on the top of it. The impact hurt, but the result was what she needed. Aurora stumbled back in a pained daze, and she got to her feet and jumped onto her shoulders. She pressed her boot down on the hook, and took hold of the one hanging above. Aurora fell to one knee, and she brought the other hook down to dig it into her other shoulder.

Aurora was forced to the ground and was being overwhelmed by the pain that was shooting through her. It was made worse when Beth took hold of the glass in her eye and yanked it out. She felt the backs of her knees take a vicious cut followed by two cuts on her ankles. She couldn't stand anymore as she was forced to stay on her knees. She looked up and snarled as Beth's cold blue eyes stared into her hateful amethyst eyes. "What are you going to do?" Aurora asked, "Shoot me? Slit my throat?"

Beth shook her head and took a fistful of her hair as she leaned in and said, "No, I'm going to take your suggestion. I'm going to cut your goddamn tongue out of your head, and then maybe you'll finally shut the fuck up!"

Aurora was about to spit out a reply, but her eyes widened as she found the bloody shard of glass jammed into her mouth. She tried to fight her way out of her grip, but Beth was stronger than she looked. She cried out as she felt the still warm shard begin to dig into her soft tongue. The pain was indescribable and the taste of blood filled her mouth as she began to black out from the pain. She willed herself to stay conscious, much to Beth's delight. After a few minutes of crude cutting and agony Beth removed her hand and held up her own tongue before her. She wanted to insult her, to demean her, but all she could do was stare with wide and horrified eyes. The worst part, for her anyways, was the look of hate and cruelty that resided on Beth's face that mixed with a sadistic grin. Was this what it was like for her victims? That was the last thought she had before Beth began driving the shard into her temple. Her body fell over as blood sported out and covered Beth.

Beth was breathing heavily as she stood over the corpse of Aurora. She hadn't expected to enjoy that as much as she did, but the feeling of surprise from killing was beginning to fade by this point. She had gotten what was coming and it was long overdue. The door creaked open and she looked over her shoulder to see Nastia coming in with eyes closed and a smile, "Hey Aurora can I borrow Dart I-," she stopped as she saw the bloody corpse and Aurora and the bloodied figure standing above her. It was Beth and as she turned she caught a glimpse of the hateful hunger in her eyes. She backed out of the room and simply offered, "You know what, I'll just come back later and act like I didn't see anything."

The door shut and Beth debated on chasing the disgusting woman down or not, but decided she needed to free Jake. She walked over to the chair he was bound in and began cutting the leather bands. In a matter of minutes he was free and rolling his wrists. He looked at her with thankful eyes and said, "Beth you-"

She cut him off by saying, "I know I just killed someone else, you can save the holier than thou act and just tell me where my gear is."

Jake shook his head and said, "You saved me, after I brought you here and almost got you killed. After I-I got Alexis killed and-" he couldn't continue as his voice hitched with guilt.

Beth's eyes softened as she looked at her friend. "Of course I saved you, knucklehead," she said and helped him up, "You're my best friend, and you didn't get Alexis killed I did. She followed me here after I used one of our old beacons to contact her. She saved me and gave herself up so I could save you."

Jake looked down as she spoke. Footgirl had come here to save Beth, and had given herself up to save him. He shook his head as he remembered Beth's question about her equipment, "Your gear is in the chest by Aurora's bed. She was keeping it as a trophy or something."

Beth didn't waste any time and set about retrieving her equipment. She opened the chest to find her guns, knives, utility belt, and coat thrown in haphazardly. She dawned her coat and belt before reattatching her holsters and pistols. She checked the guns to make sure they were loaded and was ready to work. She dug around in the coat pocket and found a pack of cigarettes she had swiped from Alexis before leaving. She pulled one out and walked over to one of the candles to light it. She took a long drag before exhaling and turning to Jake to say, "Come on, we've got to get out of here."

Jake stood there and stared at his friend. He'd never seen her smoke and couldn't stop himself from saying, "You're smoking now?"

Beth stared at him as she took another drag and asked her cigarette, "You just watched me kill a woman and that's your takeaway?"

"I mean, that's bad for you is all I'm saying," he replied.

Beth narrowed her eyes at him and walked forward saying, "Jake, you just spent months working for villains, shaking down citizens, you're wearing a skirt that is more revealing than anything in my closet, and I just watched you like the feet of woman who I know hasn't showered in over a century by your choice. Do you really want to pass judgment on me for smoking?"

Jake opened his mouth to form a rebuttal, but quickly closed it. He sighed and said, "Fair enough."

Beth rolled her eyes and took his hand, "That's what I thought, now shut up and come on. We need to get out of here."

Jake pulled his hand back and said, "I can't leave, I belong to Goth. I have to stay, Beth."

Beth closed her eyes and sighed before opening them and saying, "Jake she will kill you if you stay. Hell for all either of us know she already has! We have got to get out of here. Trust me, I'll protect you and I won't let her get her hands on you again."

Jake swallowed as he considered her words. She had a point, he was already unsure if she had killed him before or not. He couldn't remember anything from that night aside from laying on the floor alone and afraid. His instincts told him to stay, but for the first time since everything began he found himself fighting them. Beth was his friend and he needed to trust her; she had done all of this for him, and she had saved him from Aurora. He nodded and said, "Alright, let's go. Can I maybe change first?"

"Where is your suit?" Beth asked.

"Goth's room."

"Nope, looks like your escaping in a skirt," Beth said as she took his hand and led him out of the room.

It wasn't ideal, but he knew she was right. If they were going to escape they needed to move fast. If they were lucky, Goth would still be searching through the Castle for Beth. They quickly exited the room and rushed down the stairs; Beth kept one of her pistols drawn in case they ran into any trouble along the way. As they sprinted down the stairs, Jake had a crushing realization. The exit was through the throne room. He hoped and prayed that Goth wouldn't be there, but his luck hadn't been great this night.

They came into the large expanse that was the throne room, and hurried to the large double doors. A terrifying and familiar voice called out to the both of them, "Leaving so soon, Elizabeth, and with my Raven no less?"

They froze in place and slowly turned to face the Goddess herself. She sat on her throne with her hand propped up on her fist while sporting a knowing smirk. Dilatrix stood by her side as one of the lone survivors of the court. Beth pushed Jake back behind her and said, "We are out of here and if you try to stop us you'll regret it."

Goth laughed as she stood from her throne and began walking down the steps, "Is that so?" she asked, "Such big talk from a frightened little girl. You won't be going anywhere unless I allow it, and Jake will be staying where he belongs: with me."

Beth raised her gun and prepared to fire, but Goth's eyes began to glow and she found herself frozen in place. She couldn't focus anymore than she could move, and slowly the world around her began to take on a strange distortion. She closed her eyes to block out the feelings that were hitting her, but that only seemed to make things worse. She opened them find herself alone in total darkness.

Great, now what the hell was going on?

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