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Following the events of The Tower, the lives of our heroes take a turn for the dark...
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"You're sure this will work?" Pamela asked as she stood outside of the cell where Beth was being held. The sounds of her screams could be heard even through the thick door and stone walls as Aurora continued to work on breaking her. It had even four days since she was brought down, and Pamela still hadn't taken a turn at breaking the girl. She stood across from Dilatrix who was waiting for a call to enter the room, and heal Beth for more torture. "I haven't laid a finger on her, and yet you say that she'll simply submit at my request. How exactly is that supposed to work?"

Dilatrix gave the blonde a small smile before asking, "Do you not trust me?"

Pamela looked off in thought at the sorceress' question. She had been studying under her off and on prior to her own death, and she had been the one to bring her back to life. She respected the chronomancer, but trust was something that was difficult to earn. Still, she hadn't lied to her yet and she had come to her on this matter upon her revival, "It may be a mistake," Pamela admitted, "But I do trust your words. I desire her submission, though, and Aurora has been at her for days. Why would she give herself to me just for a promise she has no reason to trust?"

"The fact that Aurora has been after her nonstop is precisely why she will submit to you," Dilatrix pointed out, "If you come to her with words of protection rather than promises of suffering she will be inclined to listen, but if you approach her with malice she will continue to resist. Elizabeth is strong and she will still fight you even if she submits, but she is holding onto the possibility of some form of freedom. She does not understand the freedom that can come from submission, and rightfully so given what she's seen of it to this point. You desire her for yourself, but more than that there is something that even you do not understand with this pull you feel toward her. Act on your intuition and feelings and she will come around, but maintain an air of distance and she will continually pull away. Do or do not, the choice is yours, but when the time comes I will be here to enact what needs to be done."

Pamela was silent as she considered the woman's words. She wished she would speak plainly for once, but this was something that seemed to go against her mysterious nature. She still didn't understand why she felt the need to own the little killer behind the door, but it was a desire she couldn't resist. If this was a guaranteed way to get what she wanted then she would take it, even if she had her doubts. She gave a simple nod as she began considering the best way to approach Beth with such an offer, and she tried her best to tune out the anguished cries that continued to echo from behind the door. She would have to wait until Aurora grew tired before she could make her move.

Beth was in agony as her fingers were continually twisted and mangled by the sadistic amazon before her. She was having a hard time keeping track of time without any clocks or natural lighting in the room, but she guesstimate that it had been a few days since her defeat. She had remained strong willed despite the cries of pain that she released seemingly day and night. Aurora had been her primary visitor with the only exception being Nastia, and between the two she felt a mix of disgust and hatred. She hadn't seen Pamela since she had been brought down here, but she figured she was either uninterested or biding her time. Aurora had been here with this visit for hours now, and as her last finger was snapped and disfigured she shot her a wicked grin. "Had enough yet, you little worm?" Aurora asked as she stepped back and dropped the pliers she had been using.

In hindsight, Beth almost regretted flipping the amazon off as her hands now ached in unimaginable ways. Almost was the key word in that sentence as she would have done it again in a heartbeat; she was grateful Dilatrix had given her free reign of her fingers upon her arrival, but that did little to stop the pain. Beth panted as she muttered a defiant and tough look before spitting at Aurora, "Go fuck yourself," she said.

This was becoming the norm for her; Aurora would show up and beat her senseless or until she blacked out, and then she would demand her submission. Time and again Beth refused to give herself to such a monster, and today was no exception to that. Aurora let out a roar of rage as she began simply beating Beth with her bare fists. The strikes were hard and fast as they rained down on her, and she wished she had some way of fighting back against the behemoth. She could do little more than take the punches as they slammed into her face, torso, and throat. "Why. Won't. You. Break?!" Aurora screamed as she continued her beating before pulling back and grabbing Beth's head to slam into the stone wall.

Beth could feel the concussion forming in her head as everything seemed to take on an underwater feeling. She shook off the pain in an attempt to taunt her tormentor again, "Maybe it's because you're not good at your job, or maybe it's because I'm stronger than you. Whatever the case, I'll say it again: Go. Fuck. Yourself."

Aurora let out a shaky and angered breath as she resumed her beating with renewed vigor. This time, however, she decided to up her anti by focusing on her bones and joints. She took hold of Beth's arm that had been healed thanks to Dilatrix and snapped it with ease. Instead of letting it fall and moving on, she decided to break it in multiple places; she dislocated it from her shoulder, snapped her wrist, and then shattered her elbow before moving to the next one. The process repeated and Beth screamed in pain as she worked her way through her other arm and moved to her legs. The pain was unending and with no reprieve as she continued at blinding speed; she finished by grabbing her ankles and twisting them to an unnatural angle. Beth couldn't fight the tears that streamed down her face, but she held onto her confident smirk to relay that she wasn't ready to submit. Aurora cried out again as she snatched a knife from the nearby table, and she began cutting her without a care. Blood spilled out of various spots on her including at one point her face as Aurora gave her a nasty gash on her right cheek. She screamed as she drove the blade into her shoulder before pulling back. Aurora panted as she stepped back, "Not so fucking tough now are you?" she asked with a sadistic grin.

Beth had her head down, but raised to flash her a hateful grin, "Still tougher than you, you ugly cunt," she said before her head fell back down.

Aurora huffed and threw a final punch that knocked her head back into the wall behind her. If she didn't have a concussion before, she certainly did now. She was dazed and close to blacking out again, but she heard Aurora stomp off out of frustration. The only thing that kept her going down here was knowing that whatever she was enduring was nothing compared to Jake. She felt like she deserved the punishments simply because of the fate he had condemned him to. She had experienced firsthand just how cruel Goth could be when she wanted to be, and she was genuinely afraid for her friend. Still, she took some pride in the fact that even bound she could still get under the skin of people like Aurora.

Pamela was leaning against the wall with her arms crossed when the door to Beth's cell was flung open. Aurora marched out red faced and clearly annoyed. She stormed past her and Dilatrix and called back, "Stubborn little bitch is all yours!"

Pamela quirked an eyebrow at her as she stomped up the stairs. She looked to Dilatrix who gave her a nod before she pushed herself off the wall and entered the cell. She tried to remain uninterested and impassive as she walked in to keep up appearances, but it was difficult to do when she saw the state Beth was in. She was still chained to the wall with her collar on, but her body looked mangled in twisted and sickening ways. She was strung up by her arms, but if it weren't for the chains she would have fallen into a painful heap on the floor. Her legs were in a disgusting state with the kneecaps swollen and distorted, and she noted the copious cuts that littered her skin. She approached slowly with her arms placed behind her back.

Beth heard the footsteps of her next visitor, and she looked up to see Pamela approaching her. She expected Nastia or maybe another visit from Aurora, but the gaze of the platinum blonde before her was an unexpected sight. She grit her teeth and asked, "What do you want? Come to mock me or have you come for payback?"

Her voice was hoarse, most likely from the screaming she had been doing, and for reasons she couldn't, explain it pulled at Pamela's heartstrings. Seeing the girl in this state was a sight to behold and one that she didn't enjoy. She should have relished her fate considering what she had done to her, but the memory of her pain from that night had haunted her even in death. The girl was strong willed to say the least, but it was an act to hide the fact that she was fighting to keep from being buried under her own anguish. She inhaled as she began to pace in front of her, "I believe the last time we met our positions were reversed," she said, "I was the one bound and at your mercy, but my how the tables seemed to have turned. Fortunately for you, I've come to offer you a deal of sorts."

Beth narrowed her eyes at her as she paced and spoke. This sounded like Goth claiming to be merciful, and she would be damned if she was going to fall for it. "Get bent," she rasped out, "I'm not interested in anything you have to offer."

Pamela stopped and looked at her. She tilted her head as she approached, "So quick to make up your mind without hearing what I have to say," she said as she reached a hand up to brush her hair out of her face. She stopped short when she saw Beth flinch in anticipation of an attack, "You needn't be afraid of me, not right now anyways. I've merely come to talk if you're willing to listen."

Beth regarded her with a curious look. Her cold and tired blue eyes stared deep into mysterious and confident amethyst set before her, and her thoughts turned back to Dilatrix and her words before entering her cell. She was silent for a moment before finally saying, "Fine, I'll hear you out. Not like I have anything better to do anyways."

Pamela gave her a small smile that sent an odd feeling through her as she reached up and brushed some of her hair from her face. Her touch was soft and gentle in comparison to the treatment she'd had thus far, "There's a good girl," Pamela said as she pulled her hand back, "I've come with a simple arrangement for you, and all you need to do is agree and obey. I will protect you from the others of this castle, Aurora and Nastia specifically, but in exchange you agree to be mine and mine alone. You will be allowed to leave this dreary cell, and I will have Dilatrix heal your wounds one final time. You'll stay with me in my quarters and follow my commands, whatever they may be, but you must first give me your submission."

Beth stared at her for a moment before looking away and asking, "So you want me to be your slave, is that it?"

Pamela shook her head and placed a hand under her chin, "Not quite, I want you to be my pet," she said, "I will take care of you and you will have limited freedom in your time here, and it certainly beats having to worry about Aurora. What do you say?"

Beth chewed on the inside of her cheek as she considered her question. Could she really just give herself over to someone she had brutally tortured and murdered? Who was to say she wouldn't want to return the favor at some point? This could have just been an act to get her to give in, but what if it wasn't? Her head began to hurt as she felt herself beginning to slip into a haze. The memory of Goth's magic began to worm its way into her brain and the concussion she was sure she had didn't help. She tried to remain focused on the conversation and finally asked, "Why?"

Pamela raised an eyebrow at the chained girl. She hadn't expected that. She had honestly expected either an outright refusal or some obscenity to be flung at her. "Why?" she repeated, "Because I find you...intriguing and I desire to have you for myself. I'm not keen on sharing my things and that would go for you as well. I can feel the calamity going on in that pretty little head of yours, Kitten, you have my word that this is no trick. Submit to me and I will keep you safe; I have no interest in harming you outside of punishing any disobedience you show, but that would be for your own good and brought on by yourself."

Beth furrowed her brow at Pamela. Was she serious? She still felt a bit unsure of whether or not to trust her, so she asked, "You expect me to believe that Goth, who fucking hates me, is going to allow me to belong to just you? Aurora is her best friend and I doubt she would keep her from having her fun."

"A reasonable doubt," Pamela said as she walked closer to her, "If I can bring her here to prove it to you, would you then submit to me?"

Beth was more skeptical about this now than ever. Goth hadn't bothered with her since the night of her defeat, so she surely wouldn't be bothered now to come down here. Beth knew that in Goth's eyes she was beneath her. "I doubt she'll waste her time with me," Beth admitted and looked away, "I'm not exactly worth much to her or anyone these days."

Pamela felt her heartstrings receive another pull at the girl's words. For all of her strength and bravado, she was still a simple girl with feelings of weakness and inadequacy. This was the first time she had actually seen or heard it in Beth's voice, but she supposed that was to be expected given the details of her battle with Goth she had heard and the suffering she had been enduring. She sighed as she made an uncharacteristic decision to cup the other girl's chin and pull her to look at her, "You are worth something to me, Kitten," she said while staring into her eyes, "I will not waste my time or Goth's unless you give me your word to submit if I can prove to you that my word is true. Yes or no, do we have an accord?"

Beth stared into those amethyst eyes of Pamela's in confusion. She thought she saw a hint of compassion and sincerity in them, but she couldn't be sure. She finally asked, "If I agree to this, can you get this collar off of me and restore my legs?"

Pamela released her face and looked back to Dilatrix who gave a nod. She turned back to Beth and smirked, "I can't promise that right away, but it is possible," she said, "I will speak with Goth about it and see what she says, but I believe Dilatrix can reverse these effects if she agrees. Is that a yes, then?"

Beth decided it would be better than the alternative of being passed around Goth's court. She would still belong to Pamela, and while she didn't know what that would entail it had to be better than the other two. She nodded saying, "If she agrees and you can bring her here, then yes I'll do it."

Pamela smiled as she said, "Good girl, now hold still," Beth was confused until she felt a sudden pain in her shoulder as Pamela removed the knife from it, "My apologies, Kitten, it would have had to come out eventually. Dilatrix, would you be so kind as to tend to her wounds?"

Beth watched as Pamela walked back to the door and left. She wondered if this was a good idea or not; in truth she really wasn't sure about any of this. She was about to completely give herself over the whims of another woman and a disciple of the Goth Goddess herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Dilatrix's heels drawing closer. She had almost forgotten the woman was in the room with her, "Make the wise choice, Elizabeth, your fate is in your own hands this evening," she said as she began to weave the flow of time around her injuries, "Trust is something that is earned, and you have yet to earn much here outside of contempt. The first step is usually the most difficult and often requires a leap of faith."

Beth winced as she felt her limbs begin to reset themselves. The feeling was strange and she hadn't quite gotten used to it. "Can you, for once, speak without sounding like a damn fortune cookie?" she asked and earned a smile from the sorceress, "Fuck sake, just tell me what to do."

She moved on to her hands as she said, "Therein lies the answer to your dilemma."

"So, that's a no on both accounts?" Beth asked, earning little more than a grin from her, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

"That remains to be seen and depends on your next move."

Pamela had headed upstairs to speak with her Goddess and mentor. She knew it was risky to disturb her while she worked with Jake, but she needed to do so in order to ascertain Beth's submission. She currently stood outside of Goth's door to her personal dungeon, and she listened for a moment before knocking. The sounds of pained cries followed quickly by the crack of a whip and Goth's voice reciting her scripture. She almost felt bad for the poor boy, but he had brought this on himself. She took a deep breath and knocked on the thick wooden door. The sounds stopped and after a moment the door opened to reveal her Goddess with a rather annoyed face that softened upon seeing her student, "Pamela," she said surprised, "Why have you interrupted the discipline of my beloved Raven?"

Pamela bowed before her and said, "My deepest apologies, Goddess, I hate to disturb you, but I have a bit of a favor to ask of you. Might you be inclined to lend me your ear?"

Goth studied her for a moment before stepping aside and ushering her into the room, "What kind of Goddess would I be to deny such a humble request?" she asked, "Come in and tell me what you require."

Pamela nodded her thanks and entered the room. The smell of blood mixed with Goth's own odors filled the room and hit her hard as she crossed the threshold. She noticed Jake chained to a far wall with a myriad of cuts, bruises, whelps, and gashes covering his body. She wondered if he was even alive, but a slow rise and fall of his chest answered her question. Seeing him like this sent a shiver down her spine; she knew of the wrath of her Goddess, but seeing it first hand was something else. His eyes opened to see her and he quickly cast his gaze downward as a tremor shot through him; she could feel his fear skyrocket at her presence, what was he so afraid of? Had Goth decided to involve the other members of the court in his punishment? She pushed the questions away and took a seat on a nearby stool to address her Goddess, "It is about Elizabeth," she said and earned a look that was both disgusted and interested, "I believe I have her ready to submit to me, but I require your presence and permission first."

Goth looked at her curiously for a moment before speaking, "I must admit, I thought Aurora would be the one to break her not you. No offense, Pamela, but Aurora's tactics are unique and have broken the will of many men and women. What is it that you need permission for and why would you require my presence?"

This was the part she was nervous about. She wasn't worried about requesting ownership over Beth, but asking her to remove the collar was another story. "I-I have two things to request permission on, my Goddess," she began, "The first is simple, I would like to ensure that she will belong to me solely. I do not wish to share her with any of the court."

"That is easily doable, but I would like to know why you want her to yourself," Goth said.

Pamela began to grip the hem of her dress and fiddle with it as she spoke, "I...have a strong desire to make her into my pet as you have Jake. I see what you have with him, and I confess, I want that for myself. I've never been one to share my things and I'm not inclined to start now. Aurora has tried her hardest and failed, but in a matter of minutes I've managed to convince her to give herself to me."

Goth nodded in understanding, "You wish to have full possession of her," she clarified, "I can certainly understand that, but I was unaware you held any feelings for Elizabeth. Regardless, I can allow that. What else is that you need from me? You have also yet to explain why you need me to accompany you."

Pamela took a deep breath before speaking, "I prefer women to men, they are much more...entertaining and fun to play with. She is afraid that without hearing it from your own lips that I will be unable to uphold my word."

"That is understandable," Goth said, "She is right to be afraid and I suppose I can spare a moment to allow my beloved to revel in his punishment. I need to speak with Dilatrix anyways, now what is your second request?"

Pamela closed her eyes as she said, "I would like to request that you remove her collar and allow Dilatrix to heal her completely. I realize this is something unheard of and may not be to your liking, but I believe I can control her without the collar."

She opened her eyes to see a look of surprise on her Goddess. She could sense her hesitation at the request, but she didn't sense any rage so that was a good sign. Goth took a seat on the bed that occupied the room before she began speaking, "You realize that I collared her because she is too wild and harbors hate for each of us? Why would you want to risk her getting loose?"

"If I am to truly have her serve me then I need to ensure she does it of her own accord," Pamela began as she looked into her Goddess' eyes, "I realize there is a great risk in this, but I am willing to take full responsibility if anything goes wrong and she tries anything."

Goth stared at her for a time before rising from her seat and pacing the room. Her expression was unreadable and it made her a bit nervous. Finally she began to speak, "So you are willing to accept the consequences if she decides to go against me? This would mean that should she choose to take another stand not only would she forfeit her life, but you would be reduced to the status of a mere slave. You would be no better than one of my thralls and it is unlikely that you would ever regain your place amongst the court, do you understand this?"

Pamela considered her words carefully, and in truth she was a little concerned hearing them. She certainly didn't want to lose not only her status but her freewill as well, but she considered the words Dilatrix had said and decided she had to accept the terms. "I understand, Goddess," she said,"I am willing to accept these terms and punishment should the need arise, but I believe Elizabeth will obey me."

"Very well then," Goth said, "She will have to pledge herself to me and you before I release her to you. If she can do this with respect then I will remove the collar and give her to you. Now, I have to finish up with my beloved before I make my appearance. Go and prepare your pet."

Pamela nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. She would need to ensure that Beth would pledge herself if she were to take full possession of her, but the task didn't seem to be too difficult. She hoped that her new pet's rebellious nature wouldn't get the better of her. "Thank you, my Goddess, you are too kind," she said as she left the room. She spared a final glance at Jake and felt yet another pang of pity for him. She told herself that he had brought this on himself, but the sight of him still twisted her stomach.

Beth had been healed and was back to simply dangling from the dungeon wall. She had to piss, but without a way down she was reduced to soiling herself. She really hated the fact that she was getting used to this almost as much as the act itself. The warm liquid raced down her leg and produced yet another stain on her pants. Being able to use an actual toilet would be at least one benefit to submitting to Pamela, surely the woman wouldn't deny her the use of a bathroom. As she finished wetting herself the door opened to reveal her wouldbe owner; she mentally cursed at her timing and said, "Kind of wish you would have either waited or come back sooner."

Pamela entered the cell and closed the door behind her. She stared at her curiously before the scent of urine hit her, and she closed her eyes as understanding set in. She hadn't considered the fact that Beth didn't have access to a bathroom and she felt more than a little sorry for her. She approached and said, "It's alright, Kitten, you can't fight nature. I have some good news for you, though. Goth has agreed to release you into my care and remove your collar, but you must pledge yourself to me and to her will when she arrives."

Beth felt a sliver of hope at the prospect of being released that was quickly swept away as she realized what this meant. She would be freed from one prison only to be released into the custody of a member of Goth's court. Still, she would have her collar removed and that was something to look forward to. "How the hell did you manage to talk her into removing my collar?" she asked.

Pamela debated on telling her the truth or not, but decided to do so and keep it vague, "The terms of my agreement with our Goddess are not important, but I will say that should you decide to go rogue and against her or myself that you won't be the only one suffering."

Beth stared at her in disbelief. Pamela had agreed to some kind of deal with Goth that put her at risk just to get her collar removed. She couldn't believe that she would be willing to accept such a deal for her. She took a deep breath and asked, "What do I have to say?"

Pamela smiled at her as she replied, "Simply inform her of your willingness to submit and serve me, and pledge your talents and services to her cause. Do so in a respectful manner and she will give you completely to me."

Beth nodded and blushed as she asked her next question, "Uhm...after this can I...can I please take a shower or is that not allowed?"

Pamela laughed a hearty and honest laugh at her question, "I will allow it although I may supervise it," she said, "I can't have my pet smelling of urine and the like. Now, some ground rules for us before our Goddess arrives. You will address me as mistress unless I allow you to speak freely or informally, you will obey my every command and service me whenever the need arises, and you will be sharing my bed with me nightly. I will allow the occasional slip up and forgive some of your hesitations, but ultimately these rules are not to be broken. Do I make myself clear?"

Beth took in her words and briefly considered rejecting them, but then she remembered that in doing so she would be left here to rot. She sighed in defeat before saying, "Yes," she received a pointed look for Pamela and quickly amended, "Yes mistress. Uhm...I-I've never really...been with a woman before on this level. I'm not saying no, but this is all new to me."

Pamela's smile widened at Beth's words. She did so enjoy converting a straight girl to her whims, and the fact that Beth was inexperienced with women made this all the sweeter. She brushed a hand across her face and earned a blush from her pet, "You needn't worry, Kitten, I am patient and will teach you what to do. You're worried that because this is new to you that I may throw you away or grow frustrated, but I assure you that will not happen. I want you and I will have you, no matter how long it takes."

Beth wasn't sure how to feel about her words. On the one hand it was a little reassuring, but on the other it really made it seem like she didn't have a choice. She supposed that in the end she really didn't. She felt a small and gentle scratch behind her ears, and inadvertently found herself leaning into it. Her ears were a sensitive spot that few people knew about, but it seemed Pamela had found it rather quickly and easily. She pulled away and glared at the grinning woman in front of her. She blushed as she said, "Don't do that!"

"I will do what I please, my pet," Pamela said as she reached up and resumed her scratching for a moment before pulling back, "Your reaction to that is rather...cute and becoming of you Kitten. I will forgive your informality this time, but you will watch your tone with me."

Beth bit her lip and meekly apologized, "I-sorry mistress, that's just a really sensitive spot."

"One I intend to make good use of," she said, "I forgive you, Kitten."

The door to the cell swung open as Goth strode into the room with Dilatrix in tow. Beth glared at the amazon before looking to Pamela who shot her a look of warning. She tried her best to remove the glare, but she'd always had a bit of RBF that made it difficult. She managed to simply watch as Goth approached her, "Elizabeth, I see you've made a mess of yourself," she taunted as she looked to the piss stain on her trousers, "How far you've fallen, eh? I understand that you've decided to give yourself to Pamela, is this true?"

Pamela looked at Beth with an expecting stare as she began to speak carefully, "Y-yes Goddess. Mistress has agreed to take me in and protect me from...others that would want to hurt me. I have agreed to serve her and want to, but she mentioned that you might remove my collar. Would you be willing to find it in your merciful heart, Goddess?"

Goth laughed at the change in the girl before her, "Begging becomes you, Elizabeth," she said, "I see you've learned some respect in your time here. I can remove your collar and allow Dilatrix to heal you, but only if you swear your allegiance to me and to your new mistress."

Beth felt her soul cry out as Goth mocked her. She hated the woman before her with such passion that she almost forgot the deal that had been struck. She felt a hand on her arm and turned to see Pamela staring at her with a look of…concern? She sighed as she remembered the terms of her agreement and said, "I am willing to use any and all of my talents to benefit your cause and to glorify my mistress. If I fail I am willing to accept whatever punishment she deems appropriate. I am not so stupid as to try and go against you a second time, Goddess."

Goth looked to Pamela and addressed her, "I'm impressed that you've managed to convince her in such a short amount of time," she motioned to Dilatrix before turning back to Beth, "Very well, I will remove your collar and allow Dilatrix to restore your ability to walk. Do not make me regret this, Elizabeth, or you will pay dearly for it, you both will."

Pamela undid her shackles and she fell to the ground. Her legs and arms were both sore from dangling for so long, but she rolled her wrists as she enjoyed the feeling of being able to move her arms. She shot Pamela a thankful smile as Dilatrix approached. "Hold still," she warned, "This is going to be rather...unpleasant."

She felt the chronomancer begin to bend the flow of time around her before the familiar feeling of the collar around her neck returned. The feeling was somehow worse than before as the strange substance began to retract from her and work its way out. She screamed as she felt the steel like substance liquify and race back up her spine. The feeling of a large insect or worm of sorts burrowing outward from her neck made her feel sick to her stomach. Her skin crawled as the agony of the substance began filling the gem on the front of the collar before it released itself from her neck. She fell forward as her legs once more became useless, but she slowly felt her back bones begin to shift around. The sensations from her vertebrae resetting themselves weren't much better than that of the collar, and the feelings brought back memories of the events only a few days ago.

After what felt like an eternity she felt all the pain subside. She'd began crying at some point during all of it without realizing it, and she looked to the face of her new mistress who placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder before helping her stand. It felt strange to be able to move freely again and she considered making an offensive move, but reminded herself that it would be futile. Besides, she had been freed because Pamela had put herself on the line for her and she wouldn't jeopardize the woman's fate. She looked to Goth before kneeling before her and saying," Thank you, Goddess."

Goth waved her off as she turned to leave, "You're very welcome, Elizabeth, do not forget that it is because of me that you walk again. Cross me and I will take more than just your legs next time. Enjoy your pet Pamela."

Dilatrix followed Goth out of the room and gave the women a nod of approval before leaving them alone. Pamela helped Beth up and led her out of the cell, "Come, let's get you cleaned up and out of those filthy clothes," she said.

Beth didn't object and silently followed her out of her cell. They walked up the stairs and she was led through the castle halls to her new room. She hadn't explored the castle in her haste to escape last time and she tried to take note of various things, but found her head spinning with all the different things and rooms. They finally reached a thick wooden door that she assumed was Pamela's. They entered in and she breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank you mistress."

"You're welcome, Kitten, now strip out of those clothes and let's get you in the shower. Your first lesson begins now," Pamela said before yanking her clothes off.

"Hey I can undress myself!" Beth said as she flushed with embarrassment and quickly corrected herself, "I mean, mistress I can remove my clothes if you'll just start the shower?"

Pamela smiled at her pet. She was learning quickly and the upward inflection in her voice was endearing. She could tell that she wanted to follow the rules, but that she would have problems with them at the same time. It would make for a much more fun and eventful time breaking her in. She relented and allowed her to undress herself as she walked off to the direction of the shower, "There's a proper pet, don't keep me waiting in here."

Beth watched as Pamela began removing her dress and clothes while she walked off. Her face went red and redder still when she caught herself staring after the blonde. She shook off the embarrassment and finished removing her clothes, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" she asked herself as she walked off to join her mistress.

The shower had been an...eventful one to say the least. Pamela had allowed Beth to wash herself clean, but immediately after that had pinned her to the walls of said shower. Beth had to fight her instincts as she felt her mistress kiss, nip, and lick at her flesh while fondling her body. She had to fight a new set of instincts when she felt Pamela slip her fingers inside of her, and it was a fight she didn't fare well in. It hadn't taken long for her to climax and melt into the taller woman's arms, and now that she was out and dry she was exhausted. She had been surprised at how much she enjoyed the attention, but it had been a night full of surprises. Despite her exhaustion, she stood by the bed awaiting some kind of order or instruction as Pamela crawled into bed. "Kitten," she purred, "If you're waiting for me to give you a command then I will. Get into bed and lay close to me; you've had a long set of days and I want you well rested for your first day of training tomorrow."

Beth blinked in surprise, but she wasn't going to argue with her. She did as she was told and crawled under the covers before settling herself in next to Pamela. She felt some anxiety as she began to relax; the little sleep she had gotten while in the dungeon hadn't been good. It wasn't because of her position, but was instead because of her dreams or rather nightmares. She would relive the battle with Goth only to find herself being eaten alive, crushed under her boot, killing her best friend, or even simply reliving the illusions she had faced. Her breathing began to increase as a panic set in.

Pamela noticed the sudden change in her pet's demeanor and emotions as she laid down. She was afraid, no more than that she was terrified. She wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close to her chest and gently shushed her, "Kitten, relax I am here and I will keep you safe. You have nothing to fear so long as I am with you."

It was strange how her mistress' simple words and actions could have such an effect on her. She closed her eyes and listened to Pamela's heartbeat as she regulated her breathing. There was something oddly soothing about the woman she'd agreed to serve, but for the life of her she couldn't figure it out. She opened her eyes and said, "I-I'm sorry mistress. I just...I haven't been sleeping well lately and I get nervous when the time comes."

Pamela began to stroke her hair before gently kissing the top of her head. She didn't understand where the need to comfort the girl in her arms came from, but there was something about her that she found captivating. She would do her best to train, condition, and protect her from anything both physical and mental so long as she was able. It would take time, but she hadn't been lying when she said she was a patient woman. "You have nothing to apologize for, Kitten," she said gently as she began to lightly rub the small of her back, "Terror gets the best of everyone sometimes, but so long as I am with you, you have nothing to be afraid of. I know you're tired after our little activity, so let's try to get some sleep shall we?"

Beth nodded and curled herself up next to her mistress. She hadn't been sure if this was the right decision and she still wasn't completely sure, but in this moment it felt like it might have been. She let the rhythmic heartbeat of her mistress and the rise and fall of her chest lull her into a deep sleep. She found herself floating in an empty void with nothing around her, no visions of horrors or experiences haunted her this night. She simply drifted in an inky blackness that was pervaded by a feeling of serenity that came from being close to her mistress. Her last thought before falling into such a deep sleep was that of her now deceased friend's taunting about how she would find a girl who liked her whole tough girl persona. She guessed that even a mad woman such as Alexis could be right once in a while, but she wouldn't have guessed it back then. She could barely believe it now even as she found herself relaxed and asleep in the arms of her naked mistress. She wasn't sure what the future held for her, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She could only hope that would be true and time would tell if it were.

End Part 1.
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