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The Avians prepare for war
         “Listen up chickens!” A commander’s voice booms to a group of Tengus and Harpies standing in formation. He stands tall with leafy green wings folded behind his back and a gold hawkish helmet that covered his black hair.

         “I am Lieutenant Zen and I will be your flying instructor, your combat trainer, your tailor, disciplinarian, cook, mother and father. Untill, you’ve mastered the art flying, eagle riding and combat, your life will be in my hands and it will be unpleasant”

         He stops in front of a young man standing at attention trembling in fear as his eyes was fixed ahead.

         “What’s your name, chick” Zen asks glaring at the young man as if he was ready to devour him.

         “C..c…cody sir,”

         “Why are you here?”

         The young man’s eyes confusingly darts at the tall tengu and back ahead unable to answer.


         “B…b…because I was ordered to?... Sir?”

         “I know you were ordered here, feather brain.” He shouts. “Every Harpie and Tengu including royalty must complete my rigorous course if they hope to even call themselves Avians. I asked you why are you here? Your goals, what do you hope to accomplish.”

         “I..don’t know…sir,”

         Then the tengu grabs cody by his short blonde hair, spins him around, yanks out his sword and places the blade at his neck. The boy screams as his eyes widen in shock as his body stiffens in fear.

         “So, you’re just a turd sucking up my air without putting it to good use. I should kill you right here to save me the hassle.”

         Cody’s chest beats hard against his chest as his eyes gaze down at the cold shining blade pressed against his neck. Thoughts race through his head as he feels the cold steel sinking sliding on his skin. Fearing the worst and with little options he utters the only thing that comes to his mind.


         “What!?” the tengu instructor says.

         “I want to be King of the Avions”

         The tengu lowers his blade from the boy’s neck and drops it onto the ground.

         “So, you want to be king eh?” the man asks still clenching the boy’s hair.

         “…Yes” the boy’s answer was more of a question than a statement this time.

         Then Zen clenches the waist of his dingy trousers and lifts the boy over his head.

         “WHOAH” the boy shouts as his arms and hand flail about trying to find something to hold onto.

         “FEATHER BRAIN” Zen shouts holding the kid over his head. “You would’ve been better off telling me you wanted to scoop chicken turds just to make my training camp smell nice. King? What, you want me to bow down to you? You get off imagining yourself ordering me around?”


         “WELL I DON’T BELIEIVE YOU” he shouts before slamming the boy onto his back.

         Cody shuffles away but freezes as the harsh instructor’s shadow hovers over him. He trembles as the gold hawkish eyes glare at him with fierce contempt.

         “Alright chickens,” he shouts addressing entire squad. “Cody here wants to be king, so why don’t we give him what he wants?”

         Then a smile graces his face as he picks up his sword and thrusts it into the air.

         “ALL HAIL KING TURD!” He shouts and the rest repeat after him.

         Cody’s sits aghast as the squad chants until his ears goes numb from the noise. Zen squats and glares at him.

         “Welcome to the Iron Crows”

         Later at mid-day all of the trainees, both tengu and harpie flap their wings in mid air with a large stone roped to the harpies ankle and the tengu’s wrists. All struggled staying afloat as exhausting pants and groans tickled Zens ears as he gleefully watches. Arms and wings folded he walks eying each cadet and the stone which is not supposed to drop less than five meters to the ground.

         “Being an Avian, isn’t just about flying nor strength.” The Tengu says. “Its about survival. And that is a benefit for those who are fit. If one of your comrades is injured in battle and loses his wings are we going to let them fall to their death?”

         “NO SIR,” The group shouts as they continue to grunt and pant flapping their wings.

         “No?” The instructor shouts “Then what are we going to do?”

         “FLY EM BACK HOME” The group shouts in unison.

         “That’s right, Fly em back home. But you cannot do that if you are weak. Therefore, each of you will only fly carrying stones twice your body weight.”

         Then a vibrating boom follows as the instructor’s head snaps towards the noise.

         “Cody!” the instructor shouts seeing the young boy collapsed on all fours between two boulders with his wings sprawled lazily on them. Heaving from his gaped mouth, Sweat seemed like water as it drips onto the grass with his tunic completely soaked from top to bottom.

         “Why are you not in the sky, Cody!?” the instructor snaps.

         “It’s….too…heavy,” the boy barely heaves.

         “Too heavy!?” The instructor shouts stomping towards the collapsed youth.

         He reaches, grabs the back of his collar and lifts the pitiful soul to his feet. Unfazed by Cody’s state, the instructor sternly glares at the youth as salty snot and tears pour down his face.

         “Cody, get those wings flapping before I toss these two rocks off the cliff along with you. I don’t care if its ‘too heavy’ for you. Nothing in this life is guaranteed and you must be ready for anything that’ll come your way.”

         Then his gold hawk eyes narrow as he leans in close the distressed youth.

         “That includes carrying weight that’s four times as heavy.”

         “Yes….sir,” Cody shouts.

         “Now pick up those ropes and get these boulders into the sky.” The instructor says. “And I want them ten meters high”

         “What?” Cody huffs as his eyes widen in disbelief.

         “I SAID GET EM UP” the instructor sharply shouts.

         “YES…SIR” The boy exhaustingly shouts as he bends down and grabs the ropes. He stands for a few moments huffing and panting as he gazes up at the light blue sky with the shimmering sun partially blinding him.

         “ANYDAY CODY!” the instructor shouts.

         Bending his knees, and opening his wings his sandal wearing feet kicks off the ground and his blonde wings beat carrying him higher into the air. The loose rope tightens when it runs out of slack and the young tengu vigorously flaps his wings as he shuts his eyes and grinds his teeth. The both stones inch off the ground as Cody’s arms tremble from the heavy weight. Sweat pours down his face as he pulls the stones higher into the air. A relieving breeze cool his burning body but did little to alleviate the pressure in his hands. Burning pain surges through his back and shoulders as the young tengu groans in exhaustion and soon gives in allowing the stones to crash into the ground yanking him down and slamming him face first into the grass. The boy lies motionless on the grass with his limbs sprawled out between the two boulders.

         “Figures,” the instructor mumbles shaking his head. “One of you, drop your stone and bring this turd to the apothecary”

         “Lieutenant Zen?” The Tengu King calls out as he and Drake walks up to the instructer. Zen quickly kneels before the king lowering his head.

         “Please stand Zen.” The Tengu says motioning with his hand.

         “Lord Ozden,” Zen says gracing his heart with his palm.

         “How are the new chicks?” the King says looking up at all of the tengus and harpies groaning as they flap their wings holding their heavy stone. Drake however stands silent beside the king looking up at the rigourous training the troupe endures.

         Well that’s new. Drake thinks, gazing at the flapping avians. But it makes sense considering what they’re up against.

         “Need a lot more work your highness Zen replies.” Zen replies, with a slight nod “But they’ll be combat ready when I’m finished with them.”

         “I’m sorry to interrupt you at a time like this, but somethings come up and will need to begin training with the eagles as soon as possible.”

         Zen’s eyes confusingly bounce between the King and Drake while keeping his hand over his chest.

         “Is it the Alterneans sir?” The instructor asks.

         “Yes, while my owl scouts are still investigating the matter, I’m sure they’re nearing completion of the wall. You know what this means.”

         Zen stands frozen in worry as a cold chill runs up his spine.

         “War,” Zen says as his eyes drift off into the distance nearly lost in thought.

         “And time is of the essence,” the king continues. “I want you to speed up their training so they can learn to fly their eagle mounts by the morrow.”

         “If I may be frank your highness,” Zen says looking up to the bulky red-bearded king. “We don’t have the eagles to spare. They are trained well and can hold their own for a while, but against wyvern numbers, we won’t last long.”

         “I know of our circumstances, lieutenant” The tengu King replied annoyingly glaring at the thinner and shorter tengu. “Just have them ready by the morrow,”

         “Yes, your highness,”

         “Oh, I almost forgot,” the king says stepping aside and holding out his arm for Drake to step forward. “This is Drake Ryft he will be aiding us in the battle so teach him how to ride an eagle tomorrow as well.”

         “A featherless, your highness?” The instructor asks with a raised eyebrow.

         “This one is different,” The King says as Drake and the King exchanged glances. “He held his ground when he and I faced each other in battle and has fought and injured Radius.

         Zen’s eyes fix on the dark-skinned youth staring at his thin muscular build and tall stature. To Zen Drake didn’t seem fit enough to fight him let alone a dragon king.

         “Don’t underestimate him Zen.” The king says. “He has the power to battle several dragons at once. He even saved my daughter’s life. So, treat him as an experienced warrior.”

         “Yes, your highness.” Zen says with a head bow.

         Ozden walks away leaving the two alone to silently stare at each other.

         “I’m not going to question the king’s choices but if you’re going to fight with us, then you must train with us. My chicks must learn who you are to the point where they’re comfortable with you before entrusting you with their lives.”

         Drake chuckles hearing Zen’s words and shook his head.

         “Is there something wrong with what I said?” Zen says folding his arms.

         “No,” Drake replies with a half-smile. “Just, tell me what I need to do.”

         Zen, taken aback by Drake’s response looks around the grassy area thinking of a way for a featherless to train with his Avian troupe. He turns around and smiles when he see’s Cody lying motionless on the ground. He whips back to Drake and points his thumb backward.

         “I want you to train with him.” Zen says.

         Drake glances at the youth sprawled out between two boulders and looks back at Zen.

         “Looks like you’ve been giving him quite the treatment,” Drake says as he folds his arms. “Is there a reason why?”

         “Call it a huntch,” Zen says. “He has the potential but lacks willpower and drive. I’m sure tagging with you will help improve his,” He looks down and glances at the unconscious boy.


         “What do you want me to do?”

         “Just…encourage him in a way that helps him improve. You can try anything if you like, I’ll allow it.” The instructor says.

         “Fine,” Drake says walking towards Cody. He squats down, hoists Cody’s dangling arm over his neck and grunts as he stands. “When do we start.”

         “Now,” zen says spinning towards his group.

         “Alright chickys,” Zen shouts to his troupe. “That’s enough flying for now, take a few moments and rest.”

         Boulders bang tremors onto the ground as the entire troupe collapsed in exhausting gasps. Each harpie and tengu lean on their boulders heaving as sweat pour down their faces. Drake chuckles at the sight feeling the tickling feathers of cody’s wing on his back.

         Looks like they’re in for some serious pain. Drake thinks. Reminds me of those rigorous training sessions with grandma. I still can feel the stings on my butt whenever I didn’t perform a move right.

         Moaning interrupts his thoughts as he feels Cody’s wing sweeps the back of his neck. Drake looks down at the young tengu’s drooping head as it rises from his slumber. Blinking several times, Cody finger rubs his eyes awake and stares ahead at the expired group sprawled out in the grass with Zen sternly standing in front of them with his arms and wings folded.

         “You’re awake,” Drake says

         Cody snaps his head towards Drake in shock and yanked his arm away unknowingly. His feet slips on the grass and he plops on his backside before scooting back from the Dark-skinned youth.

         “I’m sorry for sleeping sir!” The boy shouts shooting to attention.

         “Calm down,” Drake says smiling holding up his palms. “I’m not an instructor, so you can relax”

         Cody eyes blink confusingly and looks around his surroundings to ensure he was where he thought he was.

         “Cody! You done sleeping on my shift?” Zen shouts walking towards the youth.

         “Y…y…yes sir!” Cody shouts trembling in fear.

         “Good, cause you’re standing watch tonight.”

         “Yes, Sir”

         “The rest of you on your feet!” Zen shouts to the tired troupe.

         Groans and tired moans fill the area as the ensemble untie their ropes off their ankles and arms.

         “I don’t have all day,”

         The group quickly organized and stood in a row in front of the instructor and Drake stood a few yards away.

         Zen eyes all of the cadets seeing their ruffled feathers and grass covered faces as the breeze sweeps across the field.

         “Before we begin our next training phase, I’d like to introduce all of you to the gentleman standing behind me. I will not give you his name. You must find out for yourselves…in combat.”

         Drake’s head snaps surprisingly towards the instructor hearing his instruction.

         What the hell is he doing?

         “Whatever, thoughts you may have had about the featherless will be tested. I want each of you to attack with everything you have. Talons, spears, swords, verses anything you think will bring you victory.”

         Zen eyes Drake and cracks a grin on his face as his gold eyes glances at the young warrior. Drake’s eyes narrow and shakes his head as he sucks in a puff of air and releases it from his mouth. Raising his arm to the side, he writes FANE with his finger and opens his palm. A small shockwave burst from his palm and the Burning letters spiral around his extended arm. The ruby blade ejects from his palm and Drake clasps the black hilt as he lowers the heatwave ebbing blade to his side.

         “Tailfeather!” Zen shouts aloud “Bring the weapons.”

         Then a purple and gold feathered harpie flaps her wings as she descends from the sky clenching a brown sack between her talons. Flying above the group, she opens her black claws and drops the sack onto the grass and it bursts open revealing various bladed weapons inside.

         “One at a time, just pick the first weapon you see. Tengus, make sure to leave the talon weapons for the harpies.”

         Each member pulls out a weapon ranging from spears and swords for the tengu, and daggers and iron talon gauntlets for the harpies. Each equip their preferred weapon and stand back in formation. Zen spins about and walks towards Drake and speaks low enough so only drake could hear.

         “Take time to know them, as they train with you” Zen says folding his hands behind his back with a serious look on his face. “Some of em may not make It back,”

         Drake’s face straightens as well and nods his head in acknowledgement.

         Zen sighs and shakes his head in disappointment. “I hoped that it wouldn’t’ve come to this, but I guess that’s life in Endina.”

         He walks halfway between Drake and the troupe and raises his hand into the air.

         Cody holding his spear, watches Zen hold his arm into the air silent, noticing the sadness in his eyes as he stares at the grass. An eternity passes and the cadets’ glance at each other wondering to themselves about Zen’s silence.

         Drake however understands his sorrow. The bloodshed that tore his grandmother’s life away will soon tear at the young men and women standing in front of him.

         Zen’s sorrowful face turn fierce as he raises his head and glares into the distance.

         “AVIANS, READYYYY!”

         The troupe bend their knees and open their wings as they point their weapons towards their foe. Drake spreads his feet apart, bends his knees and raises his sword to the ready, clasping the hilt with both hands. His eyes narrow and his grip tightens around his sword.



         “Sire, our owl scouts have reached the building site.”

         “Good, Lets see what their up to,” The tengu king says.

         The room was dark with only a large circular table accompanied by tengu and harpie generals standing quietly in the darkness. Each eagerly watch the tengu scout wearing a brown feathered helmet with round goggles write FAR-SEE in glowing white letters illuminating the war room. Shields swords and avian armor hung on the wooden walls with green thorns perched at the roof’s corners. The verse shrinks into a small dot on the table and slowly expands as a gold ring unleashing sky blue rays from its center. Looking inside the ring, everyone can see the shadow of a large owl soaring above a white cloud.

         “We’re arriving at the site shortly,” the scout says.

         Then, the large owl clears the cloud top revealing the mountainous floating islands below. Trees scattered across the mountainous terrain as the image slowly moved over the bottomless ravine between two floating islands. There, they see dragons of various colors flying like bees around the ravine. The war room grow restless from the excessive activity and start mumbling to each other.

         “Hold your thoughts until we find out what they’re up to,” The king instructed holding out his hand as he peers through the ringed portal. “Can we get a closer look?”

         “Yes your highness,” The scout says as he points directly at the desired area. The portal suddenly goes black and suddenly reappears as the owl blinks and the image enlarged causing gasps in the room. There they see dragons flying around carrying cubes of iron in their sharp claws. They plant the large metal cube onto a large structure and a deep red scaled dragon opens its maw and unleashes a beam of hot fire that sizzles against the metal cube welding the block to the wall that nearly connected west and south western islands.

         By now the room is filled with chatter as the military leaders warily spoke with each other about what they just saw.

         “Sire, the structure stands to be completed by tomorrow if the dragons work through the night,”

         “CURSES!” The king bangs his fists on the table.

         “Sire,” A harpie general chimes in pointing her wing at the display. “We must launch a counter offensive while they are distracted.”

         “What are the strength of our forces,” The king asks looking at the table.

         “We have three fleets of 23 eagles’ sire ready at your command,”

         “And what of the enemies?”

         “Sire,” the scout says, “We sent a separate owl scout to the dragon’s lair but they were soon discovered and killed. They counted at least a thousand wyverns before they were destroyed,”
The room grew restless again with chatters and weary murmurings.

         “There could be more,” some of them say to each other.

         The king however stands silent peering into the ring lost in his thoughts as he taps his finger on the table.

         “Your highness?” the scout asks concerned for the kings’s worry.

         “How many eagles do we expect to arrive this season?” The king asks.

         The scout stands silent hesitant to answer his question.

         “Sire were not sure if more eagles are…”

         “HOW MANY!” The king sharply shouts with his fist firmly planted on the table.

         “Last rushed we receive were about 500 eagles.”

         “Good,” the tengu king says. “Go and have all of our feed sent to the southern island,”

         “Yes your highness,”

         “Sire, even if we have a force full of eagles,” the harpie says. “Going against a force of that size…”

         “We have no choice,” The king says looking at his generals standing around the table. “Our people are in danger and we must do everything we must to stop them…” then he glares back into the ring and the dragons working on the wall. “Everything,” he voice trails off as he stares at the display.

         Then a pair of wings slowly emerge from behind the king and wrapped gracefully around his face.

         “Guess who?” A womanly voice calls out from behind.

         The kings sighs as he smiles and shakes his head.

         “Kasandra my love. How many times I have to tell you not to interrupt me during our meetings?” The tengu King said.

         “Thought, I should lighten the mood.” Kassandra said, in her usually sweet tone “All these talks of war can drain the soul and I will not idly sit by and allow my husband to turn into a husk.”

         “Selfish as ever, I see.” The tengu says as he softly pulled down her multicolored wings from his face, turns and wraps his arms around her green feathered waists. He gazes into her lush green eyes and loses himself in her beauty as the fresh floral aroma washes away all of his worries.

         “Your feathers are always vibrant Kassandra,” The King says.

         “And yours are always strong my dear husband,” Kassandra says wrapping her wings around the kings bulky neck.

         She stood on the tip of her talons and both share a kiss.

         “Ahem” one of the generals interrupts.

         The two break apart and the King walks back towards the table.

         “Sorry for the…distraction.” He says clearing his throat. “We will combine the three separate fleets into one and remain on alert. Once more eagles arrive, we will launch our counter offensive against the Alternean empire and disrupt their plans. I know we are outnumbered but we have the advantage of expertise and strategy. The winds favor us while the Dragons must rely on their dwindling numbers to survive. Until then, have ten eagles patrol the island to fend off any threats. Fly high and proud Generals…dismiss.”

         “For AVIA,” the generals shout in a firm salute. Then each member left the room leaving the King and Queen alone.

         As the wooden door closes, the king lets out a deep sigh and sits cross-legged on the wooden floor.

         The Queen, morphing into her human form, sits on her ankles and grips and stretches the king’s dorsal wing and does the same for the other. She then pulls out a brush and gently strokes her husband’s feathers smoothing them over with each swipe.

         “Ah, thank you darling,” The king says feeling his wife’s tender hand over his back and wings.

         “I can feel the weight of our people over on your back and wings.” The Queen says brushing away. “Its only fitting that I properly tend to it.”

         “How’s Jasmine?” The king asks. “Is she ok?”

         “She’s fine,” Kassandra replies with a smile. “She’s strong, just like her father,”

         “I wished her for to be safe but I have failed her and you.” The king says somberly lowering her head.

         “Don’t say that dear,” Kassandra says. “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.”

         “I mean my failure at creating peace for you and Jasmine. Year after year, we were always threatened by disease or complete annihilation. Our children are raised by military instructors and must learn how to kill at a tender age. I’m not proud at that fact. Kassandra.”

         Cassandra places her brush onto the floor, stands up and walks towards the door. She picks up a wooden bowl on a small stand near the door and walks it back towards her husband.

         “Here drink this,” she says holding it out towards him.

         Receiving the bowl on the palm of his hand, the King looks at the swirling deep purple liquid and sniffed its fruity aroma. Tilting his head back the Tengu gulps down the bowl tasting the grape sweet beverage as it trickles into his throat.

         “Thank you,” the King refreshingly sighs as he hands the bowl back to his wife.


         “Yes, Darling?”

         Clasping his hands behind his head, He lies on his back and stares at the ceiling.

         “If there was a chance to end it all; a chance to bring our nation to piece; would you take it?

         The queen crawls next to the King, lays on his chest and rubs his scarred but toned abs.

         “If it means I can lie here with you,” she says caressing his bearded face. “Ofcourse I would.”

         The Tengu didn’t say anything but just lied there staring pensively at the ceiling.
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