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Rated: 18+ · Book · Horror/Scary · #2222317
Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
#999268 added November 28, 2020 at 11:23pm
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The Key Thing
Daily SCREAMS!!! win

It happened so fast. Jimmy, sitting with his back towards that window. Laughing about heading home. Glass broke faster than lightning. He went out without a sound.

Jimmy didn’t even have time to yell or scream. Yanked out with those giant teeth, then he was gone.

I told the others it weren’t right, what we was doing here. Science gone wrong. There was whispers I heard. Gossip, the others said, scaring off day laborers from the locals. Why they brought us, high paid mob in.

The key thing was we lived off the fat of their fear. Superstition has its uses. At first? I joined in the fun. Scaring what few brought food and supplies in to spread the seed. The key thing worked too well.

People amongst us started disappearing. The bossmen shrugged it off. More money for those of us with staying power. Let them run away, believe their own tales of mischief and terror. Keep your nose to the grindstone, boys. Stick to the facts. Nothing wrong here, but the work slowing down. Not getting done. That was their key thing to flash in our faces. Shiny greed.

I almost gave it all up. Back when they gave off time. My furlough back to the mainland was paradise. No feeling of being watched behind my back. No suspicion of sly and sudden shadow movement, rustle of jungle or snap of a tree limb falling in the distance for no cause.

The ones before us had set up the laboratory itself. We where here to guard the perimeter. Make sure no foreign interest sniffing around. Easy money. Lots of it. More than should be there for such an investment.

What was before could be again. That’s all the rumors from the lab workers we watched over said. Anyone caught talking was gone. Fast. Just like Jimmy was except for the teeth and no shattered window behind their going. Fired and put in the compound.

That’s where I am now. Me. What’ left of us. Come here for survival from what’s out there. What once was and is now again. Prehistoric monsters reborn. Not dinosaurs. DNA didn’t last long enough for that kind of competition. More recent stuff thousands instead of millions of years ago. But on steroids.

Why they want to do that? Make that kind of stuff? Playing God. Ended up with God getting some competition. Fools. Deniers of reality. Technicians is what they was. Not scientists. Doing a double blind study with the control variable going wrong. Created this key mess.

I’m rambling. I do that when I’m scared. Terrified is more like it. Sitting here. Nowhere else to go. Waiting. Dry sweat tasting salty on my lips. They can smell me. I know it. It won’t be long now.

I can hear the rustling out there. Snap of breaking barbed wire from the compound fence. Low hissing rumble of their walk and talk. No fear there. Just hunger and malice. Being remade into a world not their own.

The key thing now is how do I want to die? I risked the window. Got several sharp shards of glass. Off myself while I can? Hands trembling so bad I might gash and miss the right strong veins.

That’s not my way. Fought my way here. All this cash. Everything mine. Took out a few geeks of my own to spread the rumors. Not afraid to say it now.

All I have in way of weapons is fire, maybe. Likely I go up with the blaze but I take them with me. Those prone to attack. Sly devils. Do their evil fast and quick. Shadows mostly. Wavering figures lurking beyond my homemade torch a cane doused with gasoline soaked in my own wadded up shirt.

I'm next to Jimmy boy's window. He was on guard. Shouldn't of turned around to tell me he saw something. No time to tell me what he did. Key thing is I am ready. Focus. Stay focused. Keep the focus.

No. The key thing is not how you live your life. It is how you wrap it up and go out. That's the key ingredient when everything else is wrung out. That's the last thing there is you have to offer. Make it big.

What do they look like? If I am lucky, I am about to find out.

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