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It was supposed to be just a job, now its turned into more...I am wanted dead, not alive.
It's not everyday someone comes up and asks you to look after their castle, especially when they do not know you. But that's what they did. Now I am trying to figure out who wants me dead and why, and I think it's all related to the Castle on the Hill.

This is my first attempt at a fantasy novel. This was previously known as "While the Owners are Away", but I changed it as this title I think fits a little better.

This is a work in progress. Please let me know what you think.

The entire story has been updated 8-17-08. Thanks for everyone who reviewed and offered criticism!!
#4. Prologue
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#3. Chapter 1: Setting Up
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#2. Chapter 2: A Problem
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#1. Chapter 3: Finally
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