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First draft of "The Book of Winds".
This is a novel-in-progress, begun about two years ago. So far I have the entire series drafted in skeletal form, with the most important events prewritten.

Note that: Chapters are backwards. So please begin with #4 and work your way to #1. Not sure what happened there.

A basic preview: The book concerns Silas Terran, a feline shapeshifter, and the goddess of the North Wind. Terran accidentally binds himself to her by touching her amulet, throwing himself into a world of gods and goddesses, where sisters fight to rule the world and good and evil are a thing of the past.

Very much a character-driven storyline, with complicated new pantheon. I'm posting it to see what others think of the concepts.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Third Movement: Rainstorms and Firebrands 12.01k
Chapter 2 Second Movement: The Master Healer 20.94k
Chapter 3 First Theme: Dea Lumina. 16.00k
Chapter 4 Prologue 8.01k

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