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Rated: 18+ · Book · Romance/Love · #1064646
A summer trip to Japan, as a teacher, becomes a lesson in love and life for a young woman.
For story 'Behind Hazel Eyes'

Summary: Aurora Reed has always been an impulsive young woman. Deciding to leave the life of riches behind, she volunteers to become an English teacher in Japan over the summer. But everything changes when she meets the enigmatic young man and fellow teacher, Adam Hayakawa. Can two stubborn minds finally come to love and respect one another? Only time will tell.

This story was written for a writing challenge community where we were given 30 themes to write short stories to each one. I decided to make mine a 'complete' tale instead of thirty individual pieces.

Hence, each chapter will have a specific theme that runs through it.*Snow1*


Gift Illustrations:

*Bullet*Adam and Aurora by Crystal Key  
*Bullet*Adam by Jiyu  
*Bullet*Adam 2 by Jiyu  

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Aurora 13.27k
Chapter 2 Adam 13.04k
Chapter 3 New Beginnings 18.51k
Chapter 4 Mystery Girl 14.50k
Chapter 5 Unwelcome Surprises 17.92k
Chapter 6 Yunta 15.77k
Chapter 7 Good Luck, Sensei! 15.50k
Chapter 8 The Harsh Truth 10.03k
Chapter 9 Awakenings 11.54k
Chapter 10 The Students of Class 2A 14.12k
Chapter 11 Decisive Conversations 14.37k
Chapter 12 The First Move 11.42k
Chapter 13 A Little White Lie 12.64k
Chapter 14 A Surprise Visit 13.60k
Chapter 15 Under The Blossoms 15.78k

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