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Nimkii, a terribly persceptive girl learns that there is more to life than books...
 We spent a lot of time together this past summer. The ferry ride to the Millburne County Fair; the dancing at the small bar on the outskirts of that little town; the late nights talking about my poetry and your continuing work in the education field; that one crazy night of tequilla and the 24hr karaoke dance club. That night especially, being one of my favourites, was the best night we spent together. In my opinion.
 When you came walking out of the local bar, full in the bag, at 4am in the morning- little did I know what was to follow next. Seeing as no one was there to take you home and if you were picked up by the police, you might've lost your job, I couldn't leave you to fend for yourself. So I escorted you home, and you apologized again and again for being so drunk, without a second thought.
 David, sweet David, I unfortunately can't see you anymore. In more ways than one, I needed to be with you. As careless and cruel as this may sound, I can't be with you because I don't need to be anymore. I'm turning 19 in November and plan to be staying with my cousin, before September rolls around, in Dalewood.
 You've shown me that life is worth living to it's fullest. " -Even when you're afraid to, especially then, you should definitely do it!" As you always said. So, I'm seizing the moment, David. I hope you aren't upset with me. After being so close, I suspect my heart is going to be sore for some time. And I know yours will be too. You know it's right though. So, Here I am, saying goodbye to the greatest love I've ever known. Goodbye David.

Your Loving Pet,

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