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My quick collection of gruesome spinetingling setupers...
Hallo E' vrybody. I just wanted to get ya'll started on some stories to make the blood in the veins of all the Writing.com members go cold. And now that I'm think about it I might even take one of my prompts per week and put them in a story and post it here in my journal. Go to the bottom for the prompts
February 16, 2007 at 7:31pm
February 16, 2007 at 7:31pm
Sorry about the massive inactivity.

Here are a few little tale starters.

- You work for a government agency that has been destroying files and other stuff about an undisclosed topic. Maybe aliens, vampires, a murderer.

- You have awoken in a strange house after a hardcore party (or any other event where in the morning you might not remember what happened.)

- After the death of your father you move in with an Uncle who you'd never met before and you have a suspicion he's a <insert here> (ie: Vampire, Werewolf, Murderer, etc.)
June 25, 2006 at 7:16am
June 25, 2006 at 7:16am
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Dylholio here, wondering if you guys are ready for some new prompts? Well either way heres a list of a couple.

-Your in a car crash. Did you live? What happened?
-One morning when you wake up your whole body is covered in blood. What happened? Dead?
-Parts of your body start falling off. Do you stop the process before something important comes off? Do you survive?

"PRACTICE" This prompt is just for fun to help you have a really good time while writing.

-Mix some of your favorite stories together
ie: Stephen Kings IT mixed with Cujo

IE: As I sat in the car looking out at the clown trying to climb his way in.

Thanks guys,
June 21, 2006 at 11:27pm
June 21, 2006 at 11:27pm

Its a monthly contest

oooo while I'm here I might as well give you guys a couple prompts:

Your son is born mutated. What is he? What do you do about it?

Your rival invites you to this mysterious campground as a peace treaty. Where is it? What happens? Does he actually come?

To pay the bills you have to become a hitman and earn blood money. How do is it end? Who do you kill?

There you go boys and ghouls,

June 20, 2006 at 7:18pm
June 20, 2006 at 7:18pm
"On a cold night you hears noises then you look out the window to find a dead body on the lawn..."

It was a cold Montana night, A breeze blew that freeze your spit as soon as it left your mouth. Kelly was sitting on her couch watching the final installment of the Friday the 13th series. While she sat there eating popcorn, scared to her wits end she heard a noise coming from the kitchen. She paused the movie, got up and walked over towards the unidentified noise.
As she got to the kitchen she realized she had left the shutters open and thats what the noise had been was them hitting the side of the house. She went back over to the couch, hoping the noise hadn't woken up her little sister April, and hit play on the movie.
She cringed as blood flew all over. People getting hacked and bloodied.
"Man that Jason must be having one bad hair day." She said quietly to herself.
Her astounding blue-green eyes reflected the terrible images on the screen.
She paused the movie to go check on her little sister, whom had gone up to her room about an hour ago.
As she rounded the top stair she saw that April's door was open and so was the window. She walked into the room and started looking around for her nine year old sister.
"April" she said queitly when she couldn't find her little sister.
"APRIL!" She screamed once she realized April wasn't in her room. she ran through the house in a frenzied rage, looking for the nine year old girl. When she did not find her she went outside, hoping April's sleepwalking problem hadn't led her right out the back door. No, Kelly thought to herself, I would have heard her go out.
As she ran back in to the house, She saw now that her sister's door was closed. She walked up to it slowly hoping that Jason or Freddy Krueger wasn't behind it, hoping she would see her little sisters luminescent smile glowing back at her.
She gathered all her guts and opened the door. Her sister sat on the bed staring back at her.
"Where were you?" Kelly asked as the panic left her body.
"I had to go to the bathroom" Her little sister answered, her slightly cherubic face staring into Kelly's amazing eyes.
Kelly stared back but she didn't see her sister she saw innocence.
"Ok go to bed now, you start the fourth grade in the morning." Kelly said happily, knowing that she now was done with her schooling having graduated high school. As she closed the bedroom door, She turned and walked down the hallway then down the stairs. She slumped down on to the plush leather couch her mother had purchased a few weeks ago. And pressed play on the remote control.
As the movie finished Kelly got up and walked over to the kitchen to wash out her bowl which was occupied with popcorn at the beginning of the movie. She thought to herself, man if only mom was here then she'd be taking care of all this stuff.Her mother had left on a three day vacation, stating that now that Kelly had graduated she could help take care of her sister.
As Kelly was placing her dish on the drying rack, She looked out the window. She saw something weird a man laying in the middle of her yard.
"Hmmmmm, thats odd" she whispered.
She thought to herself it's probably just my imagination, or maybe it's some drunk that got lost on his way home.
She opened the back door to go check. As she approached him she realized he had been out here for awhile judging on the fact that he had ice all over him. The she saw blood. Blood everywhere.
"What the" Kelly said,"sir, sir are you alright."
She shook him trying to wake him up to find out what had happened. As she shook him his rigor mortis stricken cadaver flipped over.
Kelly staggered back, she couldn't talk as if someone had hit the mute button on her. Out of his head stuck an enourmous machete. A matter of fact she remembered from the movie she had just finished, she realized it resembled Jason's Machete.
As she turned to run into the house she realized someone looking out the window she had seen the body through. She couldn't see who it was due to the ice on the window. All of a sudden the door slammed shut and locked. A habd then plummeted through the window. Shattering glass flying everywhere. A man wearing a hockey mask and blue coveralls jumped through the window.
"WHAT DO YOU WANT??" She yelled to the man whom appeared in better vision now. As she looked at him she realized, this was Jason. She thought to herself no it's impossible. She started to run as fast and as hard as she could. Trees flew by her as she ran through the forest trying to either reach city or reach civilization in general. She often asked herself why her mother chose to live here where there are no neighbors for miles. She heard feet not running but walking in back of her. She turned around a tree and kept running. Smack! Right into him. She layed on the floor realizing this couldn't be happening, this couldn't be happening.
"Kelly, Kelly, Kelly." He said
Wait, Kelly thought to herself, Jason doesn't talk.
"If your Not Jason, Who are you?" She said as the man in blue coveralls and a hockey mask started to mutate into something ten times as worse, burn't face, red and green sweater, and last but not least.... A hand of knifes. Freddy Krueger
"Freddy Krueger, but I'm not asleep."
"Didn't mommy ever tell you not to watch horror movies before you go to sleep, YOU'LL HAVE NIGHTMARES!!
Kelly woke up on the couch she jolted up the stairs to her little sisters room to make sure she was ok. She walked in to find her little sister lying peacefully in her bed. Kelly walked out of the room and closed the door. When she turned around she wasn't in her house, she was in their old house.. on Elm Street.
June 20, 2006 at 4:27am
June 20, 2006 at 4:27am
Now here are my ideas:

First person of killer rabid dog...

When your looking through an old photo album, you find something creepy...

When at a friends birthday party, The Friend disappears...

A cousin comes to visit from a country far away and he brings "something" back with him. What is it???

On a cold night you hears noises then you look out the window to find a dead body on the lawn...

A rich Grandpa dies and leaves you millions of dollars now people are trying to kill you and take the money...

Your family moves into a new house only to find that they aren't the only ones living there...

----You might say this is generic but they could have Molemen living in the basement or The Munsters live in the attic!

Well Ladies and Gents, Thats all I have for now I'll try to post more every week or so. If I stop posting plz remind me and if you use one of my prompts in one of your stories plz send me the ID # I'd really enjoy reading what you came up with!!


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