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Can the crazy save the world?
         A man from a broken girls' past comes back to help her. She doesn't remember him or what he did to her; but if she does, will she ever be able to forgive him? Can he move past his mistakes and can she hold onto reality long enough to work together and destroy the greater evil at hand? Or will the Scientists prevail?

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Find out for yourself

**PLEASE help me edit this story. I conceived the thing years ago and it needs to be gutted and totally rewired. Any and all feedback is MUCH appreciated!!!**
#6. What happened to the Humans (not a chapter)
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#5. Outline, Plot and stuff like that.
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#4. Character Bio's
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#3. The original copy
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#2. Ch.2 Withering Defenses (unfinished)
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#1. Ch. 1 An Escape to Forget *FINISHED*
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