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Rated: 18+ · Book · Fantasy · #1259274
Book One of the multi story epic, The Syndicate. Set in a post apocalyptic world.
This is the first book in an epic tale called The Syndicate. Taking a number of interlinking stories the complete book is set in a post apocalyptic world and follows the struggle of the survivors as they find they still have a purpose to fulfil.

"The Last Magician" picks up the story of survivor Jack, who awakens in his home village to find things very much changed from how he remembers them...although he cannot remember a great deal from his past. As his memories begin to emerge, so do surprises he could never have anticipated in a world so alien and dead.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Part 1 - First Steps. Chapter 1 -Jack 3.98k
Chapter 2 Altered States 8.96k
Chapter 3 Tombstone 7.48k
Chapter 4 The Road Home 2.47k
Chapter 5 The Final Distance 9.27k
Chapter 6 Amanda 15.55k
Chapter 7 Contemplation 6.05k
Chapter 8 Amanda's Search 10.47k
Chapter 9 Unexplained Discoveries 13.22k
Chapter 10 Meager Bounty 10.34k
Chapter 11 Part 2 - Others. Chapter 11 - Epicentre 11.18k
Chapter 12 Motels and Madness 6.84k
Chapter 13 Station 7.30k
Chapter 14 The Prisoner 10.18k
Chapter 15 Out Of The Rubble 7.47k
Chapter 16 Red Rising 6.98k
Chapter 17 The Floor Dweller 10.73k
Chapter 18 Jack's Analysis 4.02k
Chapter 19 From The Mouth Of Dylan 6.93k
Chapter 20 The Magician 4.76k
Chapter 21 The Big Gun Man 4.92k
Chapter 22 Part 3 : TBA - Chapter 21 : On The Road 5.05k
Chapter 23 Jack and Kurt 7.28k
Chapter 24 Amanda and Dylan 6.29k
Chapter 25 Trapped 10.78k

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