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Anna Wright comes home after ten years seeking to reconnect with family and friends.
Coming home should be easy, but not so for fashion designer, Anna Wright. Past mistakes continue to dominate her every waking thought. After abruptly leaving home ten years ago to chase her dream (and a man) to New York City, she finds herself in a dead-end job dressing storefronts. Leaving her shattered ambitions in the Big Apple, she reaches back home for the love and support of her friends and family. When she arrives in Endurance, MI, her hopes of designing anything worthwhile continue to fade, and she clings to her fresh start.

But being back home means Anna will have to confront the man she ran away from, just as things were heating up. Every night since she came home, Nolan has invaded her nightly dreams with visions of what might have been. With Anna’s new job at Green’s Boutique, she is constantly finding herself under his baleful gaze. Anna knows that he has every right to be angry with her and his fury frightens her just as much as it entices her. Regardless of how she tries to resist, every time they see each other, it’s another disaster, leaving Anna with even greater regrets.

Nolan buries himself in his construction company when the One That Got Away comes back to town. Though he loved her once, he is certain that Anna is destined to run again. He forces himself to build a wall around his heart, but his obsession for Anna only grows. She’s in his soul, yet he’s determined to keep her at a distance. That’s a tall order in a small town, and sure enough, Nolan and Anna just can’t seem to avoid each other. Each electrifying encounter leaves them both wanting more, making Nolan question: can he really stay away?

Passion erupts as smoldering desire draws them together, despite the many obstacles in their way. They dance around each other while mixed signals fly and past lies come back to haunt them. Is it possible for them to overcome their fears, risk their hearts, and take another chance that they could be A Perfect Fit?

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1264939