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by Mynx
Rated: 13+ · Book · Action/Adventure · #1299730
A forum being terrorized must be saved by the elite online agents known as "Codewalkers"
The internet... seems peaceful, don't it? If only it was. Meet the codewalkers, elite protectors of the entire internet. They've been called in to investigate the dissapearing of mods and threats on members lives. The codewalkers are comprised of:

Altair "html" Seth -19- the leader of the codewalkers, able to bend code to his whim. He is considered a "codemaster".

Alexius "backspace" Osmond - 18 - master of deletion techniques. She is considered a "delete queen".

Edur "Right-click" Osmond - 14 - Youngest of the group, but the marksman every sniper aspires to be. Alexius's brother. He is considered a "moderator".
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