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by Kayt
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Welcome to teenage drama queen Courtney upside down world! Not my real diary! Uncomplete
Teenage life is so hard isn't it? All those boys to flirt with, all those friends to annoy, all that make up to buy....Courtney, teenage drama queen extrodanaire certainly thinks so!

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not my real diary  
September 6, 2007 at 1:07pm
September 6, 2007 at 1:07pm

Woke with a start.
Dreamt I died and went to hell for poisoning Kimmy with my lipstick. My punishment was to be reborn as a microphone for Rachelle.
Maybe it's a premonition i need to be nicer
Or maybe....Zzzzzzz


Aaaargh! I over slept! How'd I manage to oversleep?


Met Ash on the hill and she raised her eyebrows at my lack of make-up
She's so annoying, she probably got up at midnight so she could but all that slap on and curl her hair. Like an early worm or whatever. Yeah, shut up Wormy


A few moments before assembly. Wormy was talking about her new Hamster feeding times and stuff. So i pleasantly told her I didn't give a baboons arse about Hammie to me he was just another furry pest. She got the hump. And I was actually nice. So much for the premonition.


Why can't she keep more interesting pets? I have a kitty. I bet not one of her seven hamsters can land directly on your head from the top of your wardrobe.


Lordy. That was EXMERY (1/2 way between Extremely and Very) Boring. With Ms. Eddington Prattling on about High Morals like Prattling Box full of Prattle. Then she does this insanely creepy smile. I think she wants to show us her buckteeth or something. She truly looks like a hamster with hair. Arrrgh, I am being haunted by them furry little pests.

9.15am - being bored in the land of the very boring

Yawn! Science. Ukk. I hate science. 'Specially since we are doing (hem-hem) THE ATOM STRUCTURE OF AN ...atom?


Ms. Delhide looks like a beaver.....Argggh BRAIN STOP THINKING ABOUT RODENTS


We're tramping it behind the bins. It's not particularly nice smelling rotting rot and decaying decay as your trying to eat (Carrot on Crackers for me, great for the waistline not so for the tongue...eurgh, it's Mums speciality but i s'pose it's better than her Cabbage Cornflaks-yes really, she DID SO make them).
ANYWAY! I'm going off on a tangent again. Why do people say that? Mr. H said it was a part of the triangle..or was it a circle. Maybe a square....Oh i'm not great at Maths Ok?!

Oh damn...what was i going to say....



Thats it! I got Alphabetti Spaghetti spilt down me last time I was forced into the canteen. By some little year 8. And I really hate looking like a letter.


Am i the only one keeping to the Traditional Diet New Year Resi? Loz has a packet of crisps, Emma has one of those huge bars of Galaxy, Tash has those little cupcake on which the icing tastes like soap. Wormy has...well i'm not even going to go there! Ok, Ok Jess has an apple.
But we stand alone against these fatties!


Wormy has a Vicki Sponge....


Jesus! How mean can you get! And how violent! All i wanted was a bit of cake, she didn't need to thump me! Ouch! Bah Humbug! She can't have any of my Cracrots)


Move over Wormy/Humbug girl! We have a new evil on our hands! There we were discussing the necessities of life (Boys, shoes, make-up, boys...) and then Ms Eddington (The 'Ed-geddit, oh never mind) came with her insane hamster smile and said
"Girls! I am not interested about how many boys you kissed or worse, I am here to care about your education! Though I suppose through your choice of location I see you are showing you want to help young women further in the wars of equality through changing Bin-man to Bin-person-"
And she went on like that in these reeeealy long sentences. Seriously I thought she might turn blue if she didn't breathe soon, and where would we be without our dear 'Ed? (Heaven, that's where). So I kindly put in, to save her:
"Miss you shouldn't even be listening in on our conversations!"
And that did it, forget blue, she turned RED (Not with embarrassment though). Going on about our studies and the patheticness of our conversation. Typical, you try to do something good like save someones life and this is the thanks you get!


My sister is a whore! I mean going on the bus with the Birch Hill boys is bad enough (believe me when I say there are no boys more immature than them) You have to have serious will power and heavy foundation to deal with the things they come out with.
So there I was ignoring there childish comments about my chest area and so they start picking on Rachelle.
"Show us your tits blondie" yelled one ugly minger with the worst case of acne i have ever seen.
I was ready to fight back for her then, I mean she's my little sister, and I have a Marmite relationship with her (Love & hate). But she said back that she would for a tenner. So he got one out and before I could stop her she flashed. My little sister is prosituting herself...sorta.


I am so ashamed of her. you'll never catch me doing anything like that. Even when she was telling me what she was going to buy....
August 6, 2007 at 5:46am
August 6, 2007 at 5:46am
I am in my room
Being in my room
'Cos theres nothing else to do than be
God i'm bored

Rachelle's singing like a stupid singing thing in her room. Crossed with a particulary squeaky cat. A squeaky siamese cat, their meows are super yowly. Yes whats she singing to? Some extrordinarily sad pop music. About love. Probably prancing about with a hairbrush singing in front of the mirror.

I put my music on full volume. Ha.

Fabitty Fabbers. Kimmy's eaten my lipstick. Am i the only sane on of my siblings. It's cos they're blonde.

I'm not. I dyed my hair dark scarlett.
Mum went ballistic when she found out.
Serves her right for marrying a bloke who passed his blond hair genes to us.
Oh well, at least i'm not Ginger like mum

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