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And you shall return and obey the voice of the voice
A child has been given a story at the age of 5 meant to tell a secret from World War 2. Words in music are set to bring it about. He is the only one who knows when. What will happen when he tells what he knows? A discovery, a secret from world war one thought to have long ago died with many that thought they had taken it to their grave. What he knows about will come will rock the foundation of the Science world and those of all faith's. The super powers are about to learn of words they will wish they never thought they would have or ever want to hear. Words, Sextant Celtic cross Niribu,Urim,thummim,Ark,Amalgam & The Code name of a project called the G.O.D Project.

This Book is based on real-life themes.

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This a work in progress..Study Study

Book is Dedicated to my Grand Mother Jean Anderson 1935-2012 and love ones.

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