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Rated: E · Book · History · #1465680
A young woman takes violin lessons from an old man who lived in Vienna in 1927.
A historical novel set in Vienna 1927, amid the rise of the first republic and the fascism that would bring it down. It is a story of music, love and modernism and the search for reason; or the tale of 20th century man.
Alastor, an Australian composer travels to Vienna to study composition with Alban Berg and becomes involved in love, lust and the folly of man.

Fifty years later he reluctantly teaches a young female student the violin as she prepares to perform Alban Berg's Violin Concerto.
The old man and young woman embark upon a journey of discovery- some things are worth living for and some things are worth dying for.

I will add chapters when I feel they are readable enough; maybe 50 or so chapters.
This is somewhat large, approx 205,000 words.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction 10.20k
Chapter 2 24 Years Later 10.17k

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