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by rObYn
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Hers was the figure of the dark, the slinking shadow of death in the corner of your mind
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Warning to all readers: This is a work in progress.  This is by no means finished...... 
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Pieces of this book have been living in my brain for a while and I had even started writing it years ago. I stopped writing, and I've lost the original beginning. All of a sudden the creative part of me is banging its hand against the door trying to get me to come out and play. So I am going to pick it back up again.

This is a story about an anti-heroine.  Not a woman most people would root for nor even like.  In fact you probably wouldn't even want her in your neighborhood, let alone your house. Maybe a small part of you would feel sorry for this being.

No need to worry, she exist in a world far from ours.  A world not too unlike our own in the fact that there is turmoil, war, love, poverty, wealth, people creating, people destroying, but then again its completely different in races, creatures and magic. Our Sadura, a lovely villainous type whose occupation suits her well and puts quite a bit of coin in her pocket is comfortably living her assassin's life. 

Once she was privileged,

once in luxury,

once loved by her country,

once loved by a family,

once loved by a man,

and she in turn


That life was shattered, long destroyed.  Briefly powerless, helpless, in pain, and completely alone in her loss... in a the world without compassion.  There was nothing for her but pain.  Then something snapped in this woman. Perhaps a determination to survive.  Survive the only way she thought capable. Survive without feeling loss again. No longer would she allow love to weaken her.

With her soul left burning with hatred; she unleashes her fury for profit, unleashes her powers to feel control over her world. Power to destroy life which only breeds loss.  This was her new love, being an agent of death. An assassin.

Perhaps it isn't too late for Sadura to be saved from the darkness.  Perhaps her lost life has come back to reclaim her soul. Before its lost forever.
#1. Chapter 1: Another night another dollar
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