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A non-fiction book about how America's senior citizens have been forgotten.
Reaching a Forgotten People


I began this writing project for my own benefit to grow the nursing home ministry at my home church to great heights. After much research and an increased burden for senior ministries, my research has turned into the writing of this book to help churches across America. The need for senior ministries has been overlooked for far too long.

Across the nation there are many churches that have partial nursing home ministries, but the purpose of this writing is to get pastors, Christian workers, and churches to catch the burden and vision for a complete senior ministries program. It is always encouraging for me to hear of churches involved in their local nursing homes conducting worship services one or two Sundays a month, but the work for Christ much go much further than that.

As I grew up in a pastor’s home, our family entertained many missionaries in our home and had missionaries in our church representing numerous countries and mission fields, but I do not recall ever hosting missionaries reaching the forgotten field that we are going to delve into in this written work. As you know, there is a great need for home mission projects (missionary efforts in America). Sadly, it seems that missionaries representing ministries in our own country have a much harder time raising support and getting churches to get behind them.

One example of this is prison ministries. There are untold amounts of prison ministries in the United States. These are much needed ministries, but often the missionaries involved in such have a difficult time raising the support that they need to continue on. The statistics for prisons are phenomenal! The nation’s jail and prison populations total 2,245,189 inmates. All of these inmates need the opportunity to hear the gospel, get saved, and grow in their Christian lives. They also need the ability to have worship services that are biblically sound, thus the great need for prison ministries.

I think all would agree to the great need listed above. In the following chapters, a challenge will be set forth for the same great need to reach seniors in the nursing home setting. Please continue to read with an open heart to God and allow Him to ignite a fire in your soul to reach a forgotten people for Christ.
#2. Reaching a Forgotten People - Chapter I
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#1. Reaching a Forgotten People - Introduction
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