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The story of the first sentient machines and the attempt to sell them.
This is, at this point, incomplete book on how sentient machines come into being. Rather than OMG, technology is evil route, I have chosen a much lighter tone and the machines themselves are products to be sold. The primary idea is trying to figure out to balance the needs of the business with the fact they are creating life, taken from a prospective of an alien.

Al be it, this particular alien has been heavily influenced by our culture and in general, tends to act more like us than most in this. The actual setting for this Novel is around 5,000 years in the future on the planet Hesha. The various alien races will make thier pressures felt upon the business here as well as rivals trying to steal and abuse the original ideas of the founder, Viktor.
#3. Chapter 3: Sibling Business
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#2. Chapter 2-Robotic Quack
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#1. Chapter 1-The Set Up
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