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A child is abandoned by its mother and found by a dragon which raises it as it's own
This is one of my branches from my Monster Child interactive written down as origionally intended, in book format. It begins where a mother abondons her child in the woods while fleeing at the sight of a dragon. Instead of attacking or eating the child the dragon raises it as her own, but what will happen when the child encounters another human for the first time?

I'd like to thank whoever gave me the upgraded membership, (probably Xioa rose) and allowing me to have the time to make this story what it was origionally intended to be.

I hope you enjoy, rate, and give me good reviews!
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prolog 15.42k
Chapter 2 Rhzvanzin the Dragon Child 9.21k
Chapter 3 The Story of George 7.91k
Chapter 4 The Clan Lords' Plot 13.99k
Chapter 5 Captain Sara of Varnaways 16.47k
Chapter 6 Moarning and Plans 6.74k
Chapter 7 Games and Training 13.72k
Chapter 8 Misunderstandings 10.33k
Chapter 9 Leatherhides and Dragons 3.59k
Chapter 10 Camp Life 15.48k
Chapter 11 Follow the Human 22.98k
Chapter 12 Rampage 17.02k
Chapter 13 The City 11.52k
Chapter 14 Mira 16.55k
Chapter 15 Reunited 39.58k
Chapter 16 Battle in the Colosiem 20.69k
Chapter 17 Mother and Son 23.75k
Chapter 18 The Truth Comes Out 20.20k
Chapter 19 Rhzvanzin's fate 12.20k
Chapter 20 Epilog 4.15k

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