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Blogging in 2009

One thing I like about the beginning of a new year is the opportunity to clear away the old, and make a fresh start. This year it seems like I need a fresh start on everything.

I have so many interests that I have trouble sitting down to focus on one writing project and complete it. I've spent most of the past couple of years writing articles--like really non-fiction research types of articles. I used to enjoy writing fiction and poetry, but I got motivated to make money with my writing. By now, I'd say I've given that a go with a modicum of success.

However, I haven't even thought fiction for so long, that it's been pushed off my virtual workspace. I enjoyed it, and I think I need to not focus so much on staying with a strategy to bring in a few bucks. The projects for pay that I'm finding are for REALLY low pay, and the topics don't ring my bell.

I started writing poetry in the beginning, and it's my first love. Any poems I've written in the past year are floating around the house somewhere on some hastily discarded piece of notebook paper.

I don't think I have to totally give up writing web content, but I do need to get back to writing for me. I'm capable of all sorts of forms in all sorts of genres, so that's what I need to be doing. I need to stretch my writing.

I guess you live and learn. What pleases me one year may not necessarily be the thing to focus on the next. At any rate, I have one short story on the brain, and I've got a call in to my muse about revamping my poetic side.

"They" say variety is the spice of life, and I think they're correct. I need to write for me this year, and put my hopes for economic assistance into the state lottery. I think, despite my best intentions, that I wrote myself into a corner. . . which is like painting yourself into a corner. It shouldn't be too messy to adjust my perspective on my own writing goals. So, I'm giving me permission to write WHATEVER *Smile*

Let's all . . .Write on!
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