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Rated: 18+ · Book · Fantasy · #1515695
Story of a 3 and a half foot tall girl and her quest to become a great warrior.
  Horseshoe’s Tall Tale is the epic story of the most unlikely of warriors, Ursula Wellington, a 3 and a half foot tall young girl with messy green hair. From her meager beginnings as a blacksmithing apprentice to her father in the isolated village of Ironwill, high atop the harsh wilderness of the Scared mountains. To her adventurous quest to find and defeat all of the seven Blue Blade champions, and take her place as the greatest warrior in the world. And finally, her valiant and courageous sacrifice in the most destructive war in 200 years.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 "The Little Horseshoe Maker" 21.93k
Chapter 2 "Drawing First Blood" 27.07k
Chapter 3 "Forging of a Warrior's Heart" 36.08k
Chapter 4 "Ursula, Queen of the Mire Beasts." 45.25k
Chapter 5 "New Threat from an Old Enemy" 41.27k
Chapter 6 "Lingering Scars" 36.40k
Chapter 7 "The Way of the Blue Blade" 39.84k
Chapter 8 "Journey Down Memory Lane" 38.17k

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