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Connie Taylor’s life goes up in smoke with her home, and this is just the beginning.
Connie Taylor is your less-than-average fourteen-year-old girl. She's always thought her life wouldn't change, and never wanted it to either. She's happy living with her parents on their farm, but then a fire rips through the farm and ruins her life in more ways than she thought possible. Her life seems to have gone up in smoke with her home, and this is just the beginning.

I wrote this story in 2007, between February and October. It's the first novel I've finished writing, and currently is the only story I want to get published. I say it's my best one so far, though one of my friends says the sequel rivals it. For the most part, I wrote it at home, though I did write some when I was on holiday in the Malvern Hills with my mother.

I actually started this story back in 2003 - under a completely different title, and with different names for my characters. It was then ignored for most of four years, until I decided it was time to resurrect it. The story line is still similar to the original idea, but the characters have changed a fair bit. When planning it all those years ago, I decided to split it into months of the year, and have it take place over the period of one year - this gave me 12 chapters, and not nearly enough detail. When I started working on it again, I split those 12 chapters into 3 for each month, giving me 36 chapters.

For now, only the first month is online (October Parts 1 to 3), as I would like to get it published, but a little feedback would be nice.
#3. Chapter 3: October Part 3
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#1. Chapter 1: October Part 1
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