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Can anyone save Pheado from the darkness?

Across the mountains, they said, a place where man was free still thrived.

Magic was real there, they said, there was none of this cruelty.

Petero and Kristi, siblings which fled from Niak, search for the land which they heard of... chased out of their home as one law lead to another and their race was slowly turned into slaves.

The High Degree (of Improper Peoples and Felonies Against the Sacred State of Niak) had been set into place not so long ago, just after Petero had arrived with his parents. At first it hadn't made a difference to anything. Then their father disappeared. The Beorgio had done it, they had written an amendment to the Degree, meaning all men of 'improper' racial birth were taken to trial. Back then he hadn't realised what was going on. His mother had told them that he had gone to visit a friend for a while. But then the Word of Intelligence was introduced which meant everyone under twenty one had to go to a school every second day to learn about the immorality of the people beyond the mountains and the people who came from the sea. They had to learn about how disgusting the race was, how vicious and uncultured they were.

But is Pheado the place that they were told of? And can they save it?
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter One - WOLF 42.33k
Chapter 2 Prologue 6.38k

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